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Owaisi lashed out at opponents in Gujarat, keeping silence on Badruddin’s controversial statement

Asaduddin Owaisi: Voting for the first phase of Gujarat assembly elections has been completed. Now in the battle of the second and final phase, the arrows of words have become sharper, due to which the political mercury of the state has become hotter. For the second phase, all the parties have put their full strength. In this episode, today Asaduddin Owaisi campaigned fiercely.

While talking to ANI, Owaisi attacked his opponents fiercely. Regarding the Gujarat elections, Owaisi said that we are contesting only on 13 assembly seats. In these, they are trying to win maximum seats. He said that our people are working very hard. The kind of response we are getting from the public, we will definitely win.

Owaisi told why there were tears in the rally?

A video of Owaisi’s Jamalpur rally in Gujarat elections is going viral on social media. Owaisi is seen crying in this video. On the question related to this, AIMIM Chief said that I got emotional when Bilkis Bano was mentioned in the rally. He said that even after 20 years she is fighting for her justice. Owaisi said that if your heart is not soft on this issue, then you are not capable of being a human being. I salute Bilkis and her husband.

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The morale was not weakened by the black flags

Owaisi, who came out to try his hand at only 13 seats in Gujarat, did a roadshow in Ahmedabad today. During this, the AIMIM chief had to face tremendous opposition. During the roadshow, he was shown black flags and slogans of ‘Owaisi go back’ were raised. Even after this, the courage of the AIMIM President did not weaken. On this issue, he said that both Congress and BJP oppose us. On one side BJP shows black flags and on the other side Congress shows them. He said that all these things do not matter to us.

Attacked Kejriwal fiercely

Kejriwal is also on the target of Owaisi in Gujarat elections. Regarding Kejriwal, he said that the CM of Delhi said in an interview that I am a Hindu and believe in Hinduism. Owaisi asked if they do not follow the Constitution of India? Owaisi targeted Kejriwal and said that what message are you giving to the country through this? Owaisi said that today the fight in the whole of India is about the fact that we are bigger Hindutvaists than PM Modi, whether it is Kejriwal or Rahul Gandhi or the leaders of other parties. All of them want to fight darkness with darkness, want to fight hatred with hatred, they do not know the difference, that’s why BJP wins.

Silent on Badruddin Ajmal’s statement

During this, Owaisi also fiercely attacked Rahul Gandhi. He said that when Rahul Gandhi’s father was the Prime Minister of the country, he had broken the bridge of Babri Masjid. Even when the idols were placed, there was a Congress government. Nehruji was the Prime Minister. He will speak the same thing. During this, Owaisi refused to speak anything on the controversial statement of AIUDF President Badruddin Ajmal. Owaisi said that in which context Badruddin Bhai has said, he only knows. I will not say anything on that.

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