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On this day the ‘entry’ of the Gateway of India took place in Mumbai, so UAE was born

Historical Day 2nd December: On hearing the name of Mumbai, the image of ‘Gateway of India’ appears in the mind. Those who go for sightseeing in this city definitely visit the Gateway of India. Its architecture and grandeur impresses everyone. Very few people know why it was established.

In fact, the ‘Gateway of India’ was established to oblige the slave country and to thank the then King George V and Queen Mary of Britain who came here for the first time on 2 December 1911 and in memory of their visit. The ‘Gateway of India’ was built as the gateway to the sea route in the country’s financial capital. The height of this gate is 26 meters. Its construction was completed in 1924 under the leadership of the famous architect George Vincent. This was a matter of Gateway of India, but 2nd December has been a witness to many historical events other than this as well. Let us look at some such important incidents.

Historical events of 2 December

  • 1804: On this day, Napoleon Bonaparte was crowned as the Emperor of France.
  • 1911: George V and Queen Mary became the first King and Queen of Britain to visit India. The Gateway of India was built to commemorate his arrival in Bombay (now Mumbai).
  • 1976: Fidel Castro became the President of Cuba.
  • 1971: Six regions of the Arabian Peninsula together established the United Arab Emirates. In February 1972, a seventh country also joined them.
  • 1981: American singer Britney Spears was born on this day.
  • 1989: Vishwanath Pratap Singh became the seventh Prime Minister of the country.
  • 1999: Private sector investment was approved in the insurance sector in India.
  • 2003: Former Bosnian Serb military commander Momir Nikolic was convicted by the Hague-based UN war crimes court for the 1995 genocide and sentenced to 27 years in prison.
  • 2006: 208 people died, 261 others were injured due to volcanic debris falling in the Philippines.
  • 2020: With the arrival of 31,118 new cases of Kovid-19 in the country, the number of infected people had crossed 62 lakhs.

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