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Not only AIIMS, these 7 cyber attacks made business bad, know how these attackers work

A report by the country’s cyber watchdog CERT-In claimed that India has registered a 51% increase in ransomware attacks in the first half of the year as compared to 2021. Apart from AIIMS affected by cyber attack, we are giving information about 7 other major cyber attacks here.

Not only AIIMS, these 7 cyber attacks made business bad, know how these attackers work

Cyber ​​crime (indicative picture)

Country’s premier health institute AIIMS But its digital services have been closed since Wednesday after a major ransomware attack. AIIMS officials have blamed weak firewalls, outdated systems and lack of cloud-based servers for the cyber attack. He also told that Chinese hackers could be behind this attack. Due to this attack, everyday work like appointment of patients, recruitment and billing system has been affected. AIIMS is not the first institute, which has been cyber-attacked. Even before this, 7 such cases have come to the fore, due to which a lot of damage has been done.

The country’s premier healthcare institute AIIMS is still trying to make its system online with the help of CERT-In as well as National Informatics Center (NIC). It has deployed additional staff to run basic services manually. These attackers demand ransom to fix the system after cyber attack. Here we are telling about 7 other cyber attacks in India apart from this.

  1. SpiceJet: In May this year, several SpiceJet flights were either canceled or delayed due to a ransomware attack. The airline company informed about this on Twitter. SpiceJet took to Twitter to acknowledge that its IT team has brought the situation under control and fixed it. The company further told that the flights have started normally.
  2. ​Oil India: A month before the attack on SpiceJet, there was a big cyber attack on the government oil company Oil India Limited (OIL) in Assam. This attack was done through Russian malware from a server located in Nigeria. The attackers had demanded 57 crores as ransom. However, OIL later told that it has not suffered any financial loss and everything is working properly.
  3. Tech Mahindra: In 2021, 27 servers associated with Tech Mahindra’s Pimpri-Chhindwad smart city project were attacked. The company suffered a loss of Rs 5 crore due to this. According to reports, the company has spent Rs 15 crore on firewalls to secure the system of the smart city project.
  4. Haldiram’s: In October 2020, there was also a ransomware attack on the server of Namkeen and snacks manufacturer Haldiram. Attackers have encrypted the company’s files, data, applications, systems. At the same time, the attackers demanded a ransom of $ 7.5 million from the company for decryption.
  5. Indiabulls Group: US-based Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence company Cyble has informed that the Indiabulls Group has been cyber-attacked by the Clop ransomware operator. Attackers had demanded ransom amount within a day, threatening to leak confidential data of subsidiaries.
  6. ​Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Power DISCOMs: In 2019, hackers breached the computer systems of power distribution companies in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana through Robinhood ransomware. Then the attackers had demanded 6 bitcoins (about 24 lakh rupees at that time). During this, the data of 3.5 lakh customers was at risk.
  7. 40,000 computers breached: In 2017, computers around the world were affected by Wannacry and Petya attacks. According to the report, India was one of the most affected countries. CERT-In had also issued advisory for Railwire, Bank and Business.

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