You will not have to wait much, you will know one hour before who can form the government in 5 states.

Election Exit Poll: The Election Commission has made a major change regarding the timing of showing the exit polls. According to the new notification, exit polls can be shown from 5.30 pm on November 30. Earlier, the Election Commission had put a stay on the beginning of voting in five states from 7 am on November 7 to 6.30 pm on November 30.

Exit polls of which states will be shown?

Exit polls of five states will be shown on TV channels from 5.30 pm on Thursday, in which information about the party likely to win in all the states will be given.

When will the election results come?

The election results of all five states will come on December 3. This includes Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Telangana and Mizoram.

Why does the Election Commission impose restrictions?

The Election Commission keeps a ban on showing exit polls for a certain period, because it is believed that showing exit polls within a fixed period of time can affect the results. However, exit poll results are not always accurate.

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The survey report can be seen on ABP News Channel as well as other platforms of our news network. We are telling you below where you can see the exit poll of ABC-C voters. Our survey will tell you whose government is likely to be formed in which state and which party and leader may get the results in favor of it. Exit poll samples are prepared on the basis of conversations with the people who voted.

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