Wrestler Anshu Malik told the truth on viral video, mother said – culprits should be given strict punishment

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Anshu Malik News: A debate has erupted on social media regarding the alleged MMS of country’s famous wrestler Anshu Malik going viral. Meanwhile, Anshu Malik and his mother told the truth while talking to ABP News.

Wrestler Anshu Malik said, ‘This video going viral is not his. This video had gone viral several months ago also. Those seen in this are husband and wife. The girl seen in this is from Himachal Pradesh. I have nothing to do with this video. To defame me, someone picked a photo from my Instagram and attached it with that video.

What did Anshu Malik say?

Anshu Malik said that the police has arrested the person who has made this video viral. Apart from this, the boy and girl in that video are also in the police station. According to Anshu Malik, he came to know about this video on 16 September (Saturday). Anshu Malik is currently in Chennai for treatment of his knee injury.

Anshu Malik told that when he came to know about this video, his family was the first to lodge an FIR. He said, ‘I have never seen this boy and girl in my life. People of the society started calling me a dirty girl without thinking anything. People are sending dirty comments and messages. When we are not safe then how will the girls who are small and want to play do everything.

What did Anshu Malik’s mother say?

Regarding this incident, Anshu Malik’s mother said that when she came to know about it, the ground slipped from under her feet. She said, ‘I live with my daughter like a shadow. We have no enmity with anyone even remotely. Wrestler Anshu Malik’s mother talked about giving strict punishment to the accused and said, ‘The police administration is fully supporting us in the investigation of this case. The police caught all the accused within 24 hours. Whoever has done this to us should be given the harshest punishment. So that no one else dares to do this to any daughter.

According to Anshu’s mother, her family had to face a lot of problems due to this incident. Anshu’s mother demanded CM and PM Modi to give strict punishment to the accused. He said, ‘My request to the CM and the PM of the country is that whatever strict provision there is, there should be even stricter punishment. So that no one would dare to do the same to the one who brought glory to the country. Social media users should also remain within limits. If anyone’s such video comes on social media, it should be deleted immediately.

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