Women’s Reservation Bill and politics of support and opposition… Know what allegations were made against Rajiv Gandhi

<पी शैली="पाठ-संरेखण: औचित्य सिद्ध करें;">Women’s Reservation Bill was brought so that women are given their rights. All parties talk about women’s rights, but there has always been a lack of honesty in how this will happen. Since our society, our country is authoritarian, its effect is seen in political parties also. It has been a long struggle to reach this position. Even if it is just for show, people seem ready to speak for the Women’s Reservation Bill.

There is a long history of efforts to provide women’s reservation. But if we look at the political history, as far as it is concerned about passing it as a law, then one blame that lies on Congress is that during the time of Rajiv Gandhi, when the Panchayati Raj Bill came into law, that bill was defeated. But it was passed during Narasimha Rao’s government.

In such a situation, why was no provision made for OBC at the same time? The same question has been raised in the Lok Sabha by BJP’s Godda MP Nishikant Dubey on Sonia Gandhi that why the provision for OBC was not made at that time?

allegations against rajiv gandhi

However, the answer is very simple that Mandal Commission was implemented in the 90s. The provision of giving reservation to OBCs was not accepted before 1990. In such a situation, there was no question of this being implemented before that. Despite this, these questions are being raised by the leaders of Bharatiya Janata Party.

Uma Bharti had also said that OBCs should be included in the Women’s Reservation Bill. Rashtriya Janata Dal did it. Along with this, all the parties advocating for OBCs had raised this issue. Nevertheless, the bill was passed in the Rajya Sabha, in which both BJP and Congress supported it, but due to differences, it could not be passed during the UPA government.

Now the big question is that due to differences of opinions, it could not be passed in the year 2010 under the then UPA government. But BJP leaders in the NDA government neither accept differences nor did they ever take initiative to pass it. Now either BJP also accepts that there are differences in this and people want that the provision for OBC should not be passed in the bill, otherwise BJP should say that we kept it pending for 9 years and did not pass it.

Sonia raised important questions

If we look at this separately, former Congress President Sonia Gandhi, moving away from the party line, has raised a very important question that women waited for the last 13 years. Now let us know how long we have to wait. It is important that no such law has been made in the history of the country which cannot be known when it will be implemented after the law is made.

We have seen the law being implemented at an earlier date in the past, but the law will be implemented in the future, this has never happened in India. Since OBCs are not included in this, this law cannot be implemented in future also, because no one knows whether NDA government will remain in the future or not. Therefore, the NDA government should not try to give guarantee after six years.

As far as the political benefits of the Women’s Reservation Bill are concerned, even after it was discussed in the cabinet meeting, no BJP leader or government minister had the courage to tell that they were bringing the Women’s Reservation Bill. In such a situation, the work that was going on behind the scenes, there is politics behind it, there is also the motive of getting votes, there is also an attempt to hide the facts and all that has come to light.

BJP’s objective came to light

This women’s reservation bill is yet to be implemented. If this had been said earlier, there would have been an uproar over it. Therefore, he hastily settled it in the special session and got it passed quickly. After this BJP will always say that we gave reservation to women. The election of five Vidhan Sabhas and the Lok Sabha elections are currently on BJP’s mind. There is no reservation feeling among them towards women.

The biggest question is why should we link the Women’s Reservation Bill with delimitation. It was passed in the Rajya Sabha in 2010. Census was conducted in the year 2011. Why is it not being made Aadhaar? Why is the census awaited? Why wait for delimitation? The simple question is that when the Lok Sabha elections are held in 2024, will it be said that the PM or the Cabinet should not take oath until the delimitation is done? Until a new census is conducted. We are not linking the new government to delimitations. Then why is the Women’s Reservation Bill being added? This is simply black lentils. Women are being fooled. The country is being fooled. And with this message of giving something to women, BJP wants to pat itself on the back.

[नोट- उपरोक्त दिए गए विचार लेखक के व्यक्तिगत विचार हैं. यह ज़रूरी नहीं है कि एबीपी न्यूज़ ग्रुप इससे सहमत हो. इस लेख से जुड़े सभी दावे या आपत्ति के लिए सिर्फ लेखक ही जिम्मेदार है.]

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