Will Rahul Gandhi get a blow from SC in the Modi surname case or will he get relief? Know the answers of both sides

Defamation Case: A hearing is to be held in the Supreme Court on Friday (August 4) on the suspension of the sentence awarded to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in the comment case on Modi surname. Justice BR Gavai, Justice PS Narasimha and Justice Sanjay Kumar’s bench will hear the criminal defamation case against Rahul Gandhi. The Congress leader has refused to apologize for his remark on Modi surname.

Rahul Gandhi has filed a petition in the Supreme Court to stay his sentence in a criminal defamation case. In the petition, he said that he is not guilty.

Punishment on BJP leader’s petition
BJP leader and former Gujarat minister Purnesh Modi had filed a criminal defamation case against Rahul Gandhi in 2019 over his remark that “Why are all thieves surnamed Modi?” In 2019, during an election rally in Kolar, Karnataka.

Rahul Gandhi refuses to apologize, explains the reason
In an affidavit filed in the apex court, Rahul Gandhi said that Purnesh Modi used ‘slanderous’ words like ‘arrogant’ for him in his reply only because he refused to apologise.

Gandhi in his affidavit said, “Using criminal process and influence under the Representation of the People Act to compel the petitioner to tender an apology for no fault of his is a gross abuse of judicial process and cannot be accepted by this Court.” Needed.”

If I had to apologise, I would have done so long ago – Rahul Gandhi
The affidavit filed on behalf of the Congress leader said, “The petitioner states and has always maintained that he is not guilty of the offense and the conviction is not sustainable and if he were to tender an apology and compromise, he would be very Should have done so earlier.

Rahul Gandhi, disqualified as MP from Kerala’s Wayanad, said his case is ‘exceptional’ as the offense was ‘minor’ and disqualification as an MP has caused irreparable damage to him.

Congress leader claims – there is no Modi society
He said in the affidavit, “Therefore, it is prayed that the sentence of Rahul Gandhi may be stayed, so that he can participate in the ongoing sittings of the Lok Sabha and subsequent sessions.”

He claimed that there is no community or ‘society’ named ‘Modi’ in the records and therefore, the offense of defaming the Modi community as a whole does not constitute.

‘Modh Vanik’ insulted the caste – Purnesh Modi
Earlier, Purnesh Modi urged the Supreme Court to dismiss Rahul Gandhi’s appeal, in which the Congress leader has sought a stay on his conviction in a criminal defamation case. The BJP leader had said that Gandhi had insulted all people with the surname Modi, especially those belonging to the ‘Modh Vanik’ caste of Gujarat.

On June 21, the top court had sought response from Purnesh Modi and the state government on the Congress leader’s appeal. In his appeal filed on July 15, Rahul Gandhi said that if the July 7 verdict is not stayed, it will stifle the freedom of speech, expression, thought and expression.

The Congress leader was disqualified as a Member of Parliament on March 24 following his conviction by the Sessions Court of Gujarat. At the same time, the Gujarat High Court had also rejected the petition requesting to stay his conviction, saying that ‘cleanliness in politics’ is the need of the hour.

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