Why is it not possible for Sharad Pawar to convince his nephew this time? Now Ajit’s return home will be difficult

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Maharashtra politics crisis: The rebellion of NCP will not only affect the politics of Maharashtra but of the entire country. However, speculations were being made for a long time as to what was going on in Ajit Pawar’s mind. Its picture has become completely clear on Sunday (July 2). He has raised the alarm of rebellion against his uncle Sharad Pawar by joining the BJP-led coalition ie NDA.

Now questions have started to arise whether like every time everything will be fine in NCP in the end or this time Ajit Pawar’s homecoming will be difficult. In fact, news of differences were coming to the fore in NCP for a long time, but Ajit Pawar and Sharad Pawar were claiming that everything is fine in the party by naming them only rumours.

Ajit Pawar did not want to remain the Leader of the Opposition

Even Ajit Pawar had said that he will not leave the side of NCP till the last moment. Well, it is clear that this decision of Ajit is not a hasty decision. For a long time, he was being seen to be isolated in the matter of politics in NCP. Recently, he had also raised the demand for the post of state president in the party. He had clearly said that the leader of the opposition is not to be.

Ajit Pawar did not get a place in the national team

Last month in June, NCP Chief Sharad Pawar made a major change and handed over the reins of the party to his daughter Supriya Sule and Praful Patel. Both were made the working president of the party. This decision was seen as a setback for Ajit Pawar. Even then he had said that he is happy about this. However, for a time he was being considered as a contender for the party president.

Already discussed about joining BJP

The discussion of Ajit Pawar joining BJP was in full swing. It was believed that he is in touch with the BJP, and not only this, his meeting with Home Minister Amit Shah also came to the fore. Ajit Pawar and his wife Sunetra were also under the scanner of ED. PM Modi also mentioned Maharashtra State Cooperative scam and irrigation scam while accusing NCP in his speech. Ajit Pawar’s name was also included in these scams. Due to all these estrangements and fear of ED, it seems impossible for him to go back to NCP.

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