Why is Chinese President Xi Jinping not coming to India to attend the G-20 conference? here are 3 reasons

<पी शैली="पाठ-संरेखण: औचित्य सिद्ध करें;">The G-20 conference under the chairmanship of India is going to be held in New Delhi. During this, on the one hand, there is going to be a gathering of leaders from all over the world, on the other hand, this will be a great opportunity for India to show itself at the international level. Amidst all this, Chinese President Xi Jinping is not coming to India himself to participate in the G-20, but the Prime Minister of China will come to participate. On the other hand, Russian President Vladimir Putin will also not come to India. In such a situation, the question arises that when during the meeting of security advisors in Johannesburg, South Africa, during the BRICS conference, when Xi Jinping was told to visit India, then why is he not coming? They are not coming to India at such a time when on one hand there is tension between the two countries on LAC, on the other hand recently a map was issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources there, and in this Arunachal and Aksai Chin have been shown. You have been told your part. This is the fourth such act from China since 2017.

However, on the question of Chinese President not coming to India, international affairs expert Harsh V. Pant while talking with ABP Digital team said that he believes that there is nothing surprising in this. He says that the trust factor between India and China is so low that it is very difficult for the Government of India to trust him. Recently there was a meeting of military commanders between the two countries, nothing came out of it. During the meeting of PM Modi and Xi Jinping, it was said that the process of reducing tension will be expedited. If China shows a positive attitude in this, then it is a good thing.

These are the reasons for Xi Jinping not coming

In fact, Shrikant Kondapalli, Dean of the School of International Studies and Professor of Chinese Studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University, while talking to ABP Digital team explained in great detail the reason for Xi Jinping not coming to India. He said that last month when there was a meeting of security chiefs in Johannesburg, they probably said that Xi Jinping would attend the G20 summit in New Delhi. But, Xi Jinping is not coming to Delhi, but the Prime Minister of China will come from there. Similarly, if Russian President Vladimir Putin is not coming, then there will be a separation of China.

Because during the rest of the G20 conference last year, 2:18 means Russia-China on one side and 18 countries passed a resolution against them on the other side. In such a situation, perhaps China must be feeling that they will be isolated and 18 countries will criticize them on the Ukraine crisis. This could also be a reason, due to which President Xi Jinping is not coming on India tour.

Fear of raising the issue of Global South

Srikant Kondapalli further explains that China might also be feeling that the issue of Global South which is being raised by India, will not have China’s influence in it, so China might have been thinking that the influence of Global South countries India will have the upper hand. Along with this, India is saying that African Union should be made a member in the G20 meeting. There are a total of 55 countries in the African Union and if there is membership of the African Union, then the influence of China there will probably decrease. Therefore, China does not want to see India’s Global South influence increase.

Thirdly, after the Galvan violence and the controversy over changing the name in the map, there is anger in the minds of the people of India against China. In such a situation, China must be feeling that it is not the right time for President Xi Jinping to reach India. Xi Jinping visited only two countries this year, Moscow and South Africa. In such a situation, Xi Jinping will feel that many people will oppose him, so this is not the right time.

However, it is necessary that if Chinese President Xi Jinping had visited India at this time, not only would it have sent a positive message between the relations between the two countries, but also by participating here where the countries of the world are coming together. He could also keep his words very well in front of the global community. But, fear on many issues ranging from isolation may have forced Xi Jinping to stop his move.


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