Why did the CM of Manipur want to resign? Answered himself, raised questions on Rahul Gandhi’s visit

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n Biren Singh on violence, Chief Minister N Biren Singh was about to resign on Friday amidst the ongoing violence in Manipur. However, seeing the people’s support towards his government, he took back his decision. The Chief Minister told on Saturday (July 1) why he had made up his mind to resign and who could be behind the violence in the state. Along with this, he has also raised questions regarding the time of Congress Rahul Gandhi’s visit.

N Biren Singh told news agency ANI about his resignation from the post of Chief Minister that yesterday I saw that people came for me, the public’s trust is still with me. I am grateful to the people. I will keep working for the people of Manipur. He said that efforts are being made by the state and central government to handle the situation in Manipur. More than 40 companies of the force have come here. Food items are in sufficient quantity. From taking people to relief camps, other works are being done.

Why did the Chief Minister of Manipur want to resign?

He said that in the midst of all this, I saw effigies of PM Modi and Amit Shah being burnt at some places in the state, attempts to attack the BJP office. Seeing this, I felt that what we, the Center did for Manipur in 5-6 years. I doubt whether we have lost the faith of the people. Due to which I took this decision (resignation from the post of Chief Minister), but then I realized that the public’s trust is still with me. Not what I was thinking.

Why did N Biren Singh reverse his decision?

The CM of Manipur said that no one can be a leader without the trust of the public. I feel good that when I came out (from CM House), there was crowd on the streets. They cried and showed their faith in me. This proved my suspicions wrong as people still stood by me. He asked me not to resign. If they ask me to resign, I will resign. If they ask me not to do it, I will not do it.

Can international organizations play a role?

Can any international organization have a role in the violence in the state? On this question, Biren Singh said that we cannot say this, but Manipur is a neighbor of Myanmar. Nearby is China. Our 398 km borders are insecure. There are Indian security forces, but such a large area cannot be protected. Looking at what is happening now, we can neither deny nor confirm it. It looks pre-planned, but the reason for this has not been revealed.

What could be the reason behind the violence?

On the question of the reason behind the violence in the state, Biren Singh said that I am also confused. I said that consensus is important. The High Court had asked us. My government has still not done this. Recommended whether the Meitei community should or should not be included in the Scheduled Tribes. It was four weeks time so I don’t know the reason. The organization which organized the solidarity rally to exclude Meitei should answer for this, they have the answer.

Questions raised on Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Manipur

On Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Manipur, the CM said that we cannot stop anyone, but now it has been 40 days. Why didn’t he come earlier? He is a Congress leader, but in what capacity was he visiting? I don’t think the time was right. It seemed that he had come with some political agenda. He came and then there was an incident in the market and the BJP office was attacked. Did he come to the state for position or political gain? I don’t support the way he came.

N Biren Singh replied on the allegations of the opposition

On the opposition alleging failure to maintain law and order in the state and demanding his resignation, N Biren Singh said where did these problems come from? It has taken deep roots. These are not today’s problems. Those who are making allegations, such as the Congress, had sown its seeds. The whole world knows whose fault it was. Ethnic conflict between Kuki and Meitei continued for 2-2 years. Due to which many people lost their lives. That is why Kuki extremists emerged at that time, they were given a free hand for 13 years from 2005-2018. This is the reason why this is happening.

The CM of Manipur said that we are doing everything possible at every level to restore peace. A few hours ago I talked to my Kuki brothers and sisters on the telephone that let’s forgive and forget. Be reconciled and live together as we have always been. The government has only tried to check people coming from outside in the wake of Myanmar’s unrest and send them back when the situation improves. Our priority is to restore peace and normalcy in Manipur.

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