Why did PM Modi keep getting drenched in water despite heavy rain at the airport, you will be surprised to know the reason

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PM Modi in America: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a state visit to America at the invitation of US President Joe Biden. PM Narendra Modi reached Washington DC on Wednesday (June 21) as part of his state visit. PM Modi was given a state welcome at Joint Base Andrews Airport here.

When the plane landed at the joint base with PM Narendra Modi, at that time it was raining heavily with strong wind. However, regardless of the strong wind and heavy rain, PM Modi decided to go ahead with his schedule.

PM Modi did not hesitate to get wet in honor of the national anthem
During this, the national anthems of India and America were played at the airport. PM Modi did not care about the rain and stood in honor of the national anthem. The Prime Minister did not even hesitate to get wet in honor of the National Anthem of India. PM Modi was given state honors after reaching the airport.

PM Modi reached the White House
After this, Prime Minister Modi attended a program with America’s First Lady Dr. Jill Biden. After this he reached the White House. Here he was warmly welcomed by US President Joe Biden and the First Lady. PM Modi, who reached the White House, also gave some gifts to the US President and the First Lady during this period.

Prime Minister Modi gave a gift of ‘Drishta Sahastra Chandra’ to Joe Biden. It is given to a person who has seen one thousand full moons. At the same time, PM Modi gave a 7.5 carat diamond made in the lab to First Lady Jill Biden as a gift. During this, US President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden also gifted to PM Modi the Antique American Book Gallery, a vintage American camera, a vintage American camera made by hand at the beginning of the 20th century, a record of the patent of the first Kodak camera by George Eastman Gifted a first edition book of the collected poems of Robert Frost along with a hardcover book on American wildlife photography.

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