Who are these 5 giant killers who defeated the contenders for the post of Chief Minister and CM?

Don’t be so proud of your victory, O ignorant one, my defeat is more talked about than your victory… This poetic video of former Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Rajendra Bharti of Congress has defeated Mishra in Datia seat. Mishra was also a strong contender for the post of Chief Minister.

KVR Reddy, who defeated KCR and Revanth Reddy, is also being discussed. KVR has defeated KCR and Revanth from Kamareddy seat of Telangana. KCR was the Chief Minister of Telangana, while Revanth was a contender for the post of Chief Minister.

Lathansanga has defeated powerful leader and state Chief Minister Zoramthanga on Aizawl East-1 seat of Mizoram. This was believed to be the last election of 79 year old Zoramthanga. He is also the national president of Mizo National Front.

Interestingly, most of the MLAs who defeated 5 big leaders in the elections of five states have reached the House after being elected for the first time. Let us know in detail about these 5 joint killers in this story…

1. Prashant Sharma defeated Satish Punia
Former BJP state president Satish Poonia was in the fray from Jaipur’s Amer seat. Poonia was also a strong contender for the post of Chief Minister, but Congress’s Prashant Sharma defeated him. Congress was holding this seat since 2013.

Prashant Sharma has reached the assembly after winning for the first time. Prashant had also contested elections in 2018, but Poonia defeated him.

Prashant has inherited the political legacy. His father Sahdev Sharma has been MLA from this seat thrice and was a strong leader of Jaipur Congress. Prashant was active in this area since the last defeat.

After the defeat in the elections, Satish Poonia has told Amer to never contest elections again. Poonia wrote that I will no longer be able to serve Amer. I will request the high command to send a capable person to this seat.

2 . Ishwar Sahu defeated Ravindra Chaubey
Ravindra Choubey, who was a powerful minister in the Bhupesh Baghel government, was defeated by BJP’s Ishwar Sahu from Saja seat of Chhattisgarh. This was the first election of Ishwar Sahu, whereas Choubey had been becoming MLA for 7 times.

Choubey has also been the leader of opposition in the assembly and state president of Congress. If we talk about Ishwar Sahu, Sahu has no political background. BJP had given ticket to Sahu to provide justice to his son Bhuvneshwar.

Bhuvneshwar was killed in a communal violence in Kawardha in April 2023. Regarding this violence, BJP accused Bhupesh Sarkar of appeasement.

Home Minister Amit Shah himself had campaigned for Ishwar. Shah had appealed to the people of Saja to make God victorious and get justice for his son.

3. In the fourth attempt, Bharti uprooted Narottam’s tent.
Shivraj cabinet’s senior leader Narottam Mishra has lost the election from Datia seat of Madhya Pradesh. Mishra was defeated by Rajendra Bharti of Congress. Bharti had already contested elections against Mishra thrice, but he had to face defeat.

Narottam was a contender for the post of Chief Minister and played an important role in forming the BJP government in 2020.

This time Congress had made strong fortifications on Datia seat. The party initially cut off Bharti’s ticket, but as soon as all the workers united, the party changed the ticket and fielded Bharti.

Bharti, who has studied up to LLB, started his political career in the 1980s. In 1985, he made the record of becoming the youngest MLA.

4. KVR defeated KCR and Revanth
Bharatiya Janata Party has been reduced to 8 seats in Telangana elections, but its MLA KVR Reddy who won from Kamareddy is being talked about a lot. KVR’s full name is Kattipalli, Vekanta Ramana Reddy.

KVR has defeated Telangana Chief Minister KCR and Congress President Revanth Reddy on this seat. Revanth Reddy is a strong contender for the post of Chief Minister.

According to the Election Commission, KVR has got 66652 votes, KCR has got 59911 votes and Revanth Reddy has got 54916 votes in Kamareddy seat. KVR has won here by 6741 votes.

KVR started his career from civic politics. 12th pass KVR has been a member of Nizamabad Corporation. When the KCR government prepared a master plan to make Kamareddy smart, the farmers of this area organized a big movement under the leadership of KVR.

KVR had also contested from this seat in 2018, but he had to face a crushing defeat. Prime Minister Modi had campaigned for KVR in this election.

5. Lalthansanga defeated Zoramthanga
Chief Minister Zoramthanga was contesting from Aizawl East-1 seat of Mizoram. This seat was considered his stronghold, but JPM’s Lalthansanga defeated him in the election.

After defeating the Chief Minister in the elections, Lalthansanga told the journalists that the people were angry with the Chief Minister and this was the biggest reason for the victory.

Zoramthanga is a powerful leader of Mizoram and has been holding the post of President of Mizo National Front since 1990. Zoramthanga has also been the Chief Minister of Mizoram for 15 years.

Talking about Lalthansanga, he was elected MLA in 2008. Since then he was running on the sidelines of politics. After defeating Zoramthanga, his stature within the party has increased.

What does giant killer mean?

This word first resonated in the political circles of India around 1970. In 1967, socialist leader George Fernandes defeated veteran Congress leader SK Patil from Mumbai South seat. Patil was the Railway Minister at that time and George was a member of the Railway Union.

After this defeat, Patil could not rise politically. Even after Rajnarayan defeated Indira Gandhi in the elections in 1977, this word resonated widely in the political circles. In political circles, Giant Killer means a leader due to whom a leader has lost the election and his political career is in trouble.

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