When PM Modi said insider and insider news, the whole crowd started laughing.

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Special session of Parliament: The special session of Parliament started from today i.e. Monday (18 September). PM Modi said many important things while addressing the House, in which he also talked about the contribution of journalists. Praising the journalists, the Prime Minister said that you may not even know the names of those who have been reporting in the Parliament for many days and those who have covered the Parliament till now, but no one can forget their work.

What else did PM Modi say for journalists?

Talking further about the contribution of journalists, PM Modi further said, I also want to salute those journalists who have reported the work of Parliament and have provided every moment information to the country. Journalists have expended their energy not only for news but also to understand India’s development journey from the Parliament House. Like everyone else, it will be very emotional for those journalists too to leave this House.

Not only this, when PM Modi said that it was the ability of the journalists to convey the inside story and also to convey the inside story, then after this line all the people present in the House started laughing loudly. PM Modi further said that it must have been an emotional moment for many journalist brothers to leave this House today. Let it be known that the special session of Parliament has started from today. For this special session of Parliament, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and all the leaders of India Alliance are present in the House.

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