What is the opinion of Imam Organization Chief Umer Ahmed Ilyasi on Uniform Civil Code? learn

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Imam Umar Ahmad Ilyasi on UCC: On the issue of Uniform Civil Code, President of All India Imam Organization Dr. Imam Umer Ahmed Ilyasi has said that the issue of UCC is not only a matter of Muslims. Just protesting is not a good thing.

Ilyasi said that the way Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke, it should be considered. However, he also said that after Eid, he would call a meeting of the All India Imam Organisation, to decide what would be agreed upon regarding the UCC.

All India Imam Organization President’s stand on UCC

During a conversation with News18 India, Imam Umer Ahmed Ilyasi said, “The way the Prime Minister has spoken for the first time, it should be considered. Protest is not the solution. Any issue can be resolved through dialogue.

He said, “Whatever work the Prime Minister does, whatever work the current government does, just to oppose it is not a good thing. The way the previous governments did with the Muslims or the politics of the Muslims… I think the Muslims have also understood now.

Protest may end – Imam Umer Ahmed Ilyasi

Imam Umer Ahmed Ilyasi said, “As far as the issue of UCC is concerned, it is not an issue of empty Muslims, the country is very big, India is a big country, castes change after every 20 kilometers, dialects change.” Languages ​​change.

He further said, “People of different religions, castes, creeds, tribes live inside the country, everyone has their own traditions, so I think it will not be that easy, but if we all But make a good draft together, if everyone’s consensus is formed in that draft, then I think this protest may end. This issue will also probably end.

He advised that Prime Minister Modi and the government should hold a joint meeting by calling the religious leaders of the country, their point of view should also be taken. After that whatever decision is taken or whatever draft is prepared, it will be better.

‘If the view is good then the views will also be good’

President of Imam Organization said that nothing should ever be ignored, if it is coming in front then it should be faced. He said, “We should sit and talk. May be more good things will happen in it, such things will happen which will be good for everyone. If the vision is good then the views will also be good. If there is a need to change the attitude then it will be better.

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