Walk, yoga and talking to loved ones, this is how 41 laborers trapped in Uttarkashi tunnel are keeping themselves alive.

Uttarakhand tunnel collapse update: 41 laborers are trapped in the tunnel accident in Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand. The first video of these laborers has surfaced in which it can be seen the conditions under which these people are spending their time in this tunnel for the last 10 days. These workers are also adopting different methods to keep themselves physically and mentally strong.

These workers are somehow keeping themselves alive inside the tunnel by regular walks, yoga and talking to their loved ones. According to a report in the Indian Express, Dr. Abhishek Sharma, a psychiatrist appointed by the government, said, “We are in constant touch. To maintain morale, regular activities like yoga, walking and encouraging each other by talking to loved ones have been suggested.”

Gabbar Singh Negi is one of these stranded laborers who has faced similar situations before. Being the oldest among them, he is taking care that everyone’s self-confidence remains. Soon these laborers are expected to get mobile phones and chargers, so that they can keep themselves busy.

Video of laborers also surfaced, food was sent

Before this, a six-inch wide pipeline was inserted inside the tunnel from the debris, through which porridge, khichdi, banana, apple and water were sent for food to the workers. A camera was also inserted in this pipe, from which the video has emerged. In which it can be seen under what conditions the workers are living in the tunnel for the last ten days. Officials said that the trapped laborers have created a place for their daily activities, about a kilometer away from the debris.

Water system also in the tunnel

The workers trapped in the tunnel are facing challenging conditions there, but the matter of relief is that they have a natural water source inside the tunnel. “They are resourceful, using containers to store and use this water for drinking and other needs,” Dr Sharma said. Chlorine tablets have also been given to keep the water safe.

Speaking about the ongoing support efforts, Anshu Manish Khalkho, director of National Highways and Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited, said, “We are sending food every half hour and maintaining communication every 2-3 hours. “Officials from different states, relatives and medical professionals are also joining them regularly.”

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