Video: You would not have seen such a fight, one has a shoe in his hand and the other has a slipper in his hand, women clashed over the window in a Bengaluru bus.

Women clash in bus, viral video: Shoe scuffle among people in public transport is not a new thing. Many videos of fighting in metro, local train and other places have already gone viral. Now the video of a fight between two women in a government bus in Bengaluru has gone viral on social media. One of these women has a shoe in her hand and the other has a slipper in her hand and both are showering fiercely on each other.

Both of them were so angry at each other that they kept hitting each other with shoes for several minutes. Other passengers in the bus tried to intervene but neither of them listened to anyone. Someone sitting at the back of the bus has made a video and posted it on social media, which is now viral.

There was a dispute between the two women regarding opening the window
The dispute between the two women started over opening the window in the Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) bus. In the 57 second video, it can be seen that both of them are abusing each other while throwing shoes and slippers at each other.

‘Other passengers kept asking both the women to get off the bus’
When both the women started attacking each other in the bus, the other passengers also tried to intervene. The passengers sitting in the bus are also seen asking the bus conductor to get the two women off the bus.

People are giving interesting reactions

The passengers sitting in the bus were also seen discussing among themselves as to whose fault it was. At the same time, some passengers were saying that traveling in the bus was very difficult due to the crowd and all this happens on it. Even during fighting in the bus, people can be heard saying that it is good, fighting is going on, someone will make a video and post it on social media.
Here, people are also giving interesting reactions regarding this viral video on social media. One user has written that it is good that there is fighting among women. If this had happened to any boy, he would have been proven guilty without being asked. Another user has written that now this is all that was left to be seen. What’s happening in the bus?

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