Udhayanidhi got angry on the slogan of ‘Jai Shri Ram’ in India-Pak match, BJP said this sarcastically

Udhayanidhi Stalin: DMK leader and Tamil Nadu minister Udhayanidhi Stalin is once again in the news. The reason for this is the India-Pakistan World Cup match held in Ahmedabad on Saturday (14 October). During the match, slogans of ‘Jai Shri Ram’ were raised while a Pakistani player was passing towards the dressing room, which has been criticized by Udhayanidhi. Whereas BJP, while replying to this, has described Udhayanidhi as a mosquito, who has come out to spread poison.

Actually, videos have surfaced on social media, in which people are raising slogans on the passing of Pakistani wicketkeeper-batsman Mohammad Rizwan. Many people have said that this sloganeering is against the spirit of the game and is disturbing to the players. At the same time, there have been some people who raised the issue of Rizwan offering namaz on the field and standing against the people of Gaza. He says that Rizwan himself has done the work of bringing religion on the field.

What did Udhayanidhi Stalin say?

Tamil Nadu Minister Udhayanidhi wrote on social media platform X that India is known for its sporting spirit and hospitality. The treatment given to players from neighboring countries is of low standard. He said, ‘India is known for its sporting spirit and hospitality. However, the way Pakistani players were treated at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad is unacceptable and low standard.

Udhayanidhi further said, ‘Sports should be a unifying force of countries, its function should be to promote brotherhood. Using it as a tool to spread hatred is condemnable.

What did BJP say?

BJP also retaliated on Udhayanidhi’s statement. BJP’s national spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia wrote on Twitter, ‘The hateful dengue malaria mosquito has again come out to poison. When the match is stopped and Namaz is offered on the field, you smell the snake. Our Lord Shri Ram resides in every corner of the universe, so say Jai Shri Ram.

Let us tell you that India won this match easily by seven wickets. India defeated Pakistan for the eighth consecutive time in the World Cup match. Indian cricket fans were waiting for this match for a long time and they got the result in the form of victory.

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