Two people died in Kozhikode, Nipah virus alert in Kerala, know how dangerous it is

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Nipah virus alert in Kerala: The Kerala Health Department has issued an alert related to Nipah virus in Kozhikode district on Monday after the unnatural death of two people. The health department said in a statement on Monday night that state health minister Veena George held a high-level meeting and reviewed the situation. The statement said that ‘unnatural’ death of two people after fever has been reported from a private hospital and it is suspected that Nipah virus could be the reason for their death.

Deaths due to Nipah virus were also recorded in Kozhikode district in 2018 and 2021. The statement further said that a relative of one of the deceased has also been admitted to the intensive care unit. Actually, the first case of Nipah virus was reported in Kozhikode on 19 May 2018. At that time 17 people had lost their lives due to this.

What is Nipah virus?
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Nipah virus is a rapidly emerging virus, which spreads from animals to people and can also spread through contaminated food or directly from one person to another.

According to BBC report, this virus was first detected in 1998 from Kampung Sungai Nipah in Malaysia and from there the name of this virus also came to the fore. At that time pigs were the carriers of this disease.

If a person gets infected with this virus for 5 to 14 days, then this virus can cause high fever and headache for three to 14 days. In the initial stages, there is problem in breathing while neurological problems also occur.

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