Three criminal bills passed in Rajya Sabha, what did Home Minister Amit Shah say?

Rajya Sabha passes three criminal bills: During the winter session of Parliament, Rajya Sabha on Thursday (December 21) passed three criminal bills – Indian Justice (Second) Code, replacing the Indian Penal Code (IPC), 1860, Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC), 1898 and the Indian Evidence Act, 1872. 2023, Indian Civil Defense (Second) Code, 2023 and Indian Evidence (Second) Bill, 2023 were passed.

After discussion and reply of Home Minister Amit Shah, Rajya Sabha gave its approval to all three bills by voice vote. Lok Sabha has already passed them. Let us tell you that these bills have been passed in the Rajya Sabha at a time when 46 opposition MPs from the Upper House had been suspended for their indecent behavior.

Amit Shah said that after the passage of the bills brought by the Parliament to replace the three criminal laws, there will be a new beginning in the criminal justice process of India which will be completely Indian.

He also said that the purpose of these bills is not to punish like the previous laws but to provide justice. He said, “If you read this new law carefully, you will know that the Indian philosophy of justice has been given place in it.” The makers of our Constitution have also guaranteed to maintain political justice, economic justice and social justice. These three bills give this guarantee of the Constitution to a country of Rs 140 crore.

‘The soul is also Indian, the thinking is also Indian…’

Home Minister Shah said, “The soul of these laws is Indian. For the first time, our criminal justice process will be governed by a law made by India, for India and from the Indian Parliament. I am very proud of this.” He said that the spirit of these laws is also Indian, the thinking is also Indian and it is completely Indian.

The Home Minister said that Indian Penal Code (IPC), Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC) and Indian Evidence Act… these three laws were made to protect the British rule after the freedom struggle of 1857. He said, “Their objective was only to protect the British rule. There was no protection of the Indian citizen’s safety, dignity and human rights in it.

After the implementation of the laws, the era of ‘date after date’ will go away – Shah

The Union Home Minister said that after the implementation of these laws, the era of ‘date after date’ will end in the country and such a system will be established in the country where any victim gets justice within three years. He said, “This will be the most modern and scientific justice system in the world.”

Home Minister Amit Shah targets Congress

Home Minister Amit Shah targeted Congress during his address. He said, “Whenever the Congress party came to power, it used the word treason with great pleasure and when it went out of power, it used to say that treason is a colonial law and it should be abolished.” Congress never wanted to end treason. This is the Modi government, which is ending treason from this country forever.

Shah said, “Your (opposition) nature is that you consider the election manifesto as a manifesto, we consider it as a resolution document. It is your history to forget after speaking, it is our history… Modi ji fulfills whatever he says.

He said, “We had promised that we will give due respect to the mother power of this country in policy making. After 75 years of independence, the Narendra Modi government honored the mother power of this country by giving 33 percent reservation in the legislatures and the Lok Sabha.

Home Minister explained the meaning of Swaraj

The Union Home Minister said, “They say, what is the need for a new law? They do not know the meaning of Swaraj. The word self is not just linked to governance. Swaraj means – The one who takes forward the religion is Swaraj, the one who takes forward the language is Swaraj, the one who takes forward the culture is Swaraj, the one who takes forward self-governance is Swaraj.

He said, “I can say with confidence that after the implementation of the bill, all the processes from FIR to decision will be online. India will be the country where technology will be used most in the criminal justice system.

The Home Minister said, “We have abolished the English concept of treason.” Now anyone can speak against the government, because everyone has the right to freedom of speech, but you cannot speak against the country, if you speak against the country, if you harm the country’s resources, you will get the harshest punishment.

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