The trend of eco-friendly idols increased in Mumbai, 22 feet idol of Bappa became the center of attraction.

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Ganesh Chaturthi 2023: A lot of trend of eco-friendly idols is being seen during Ganesh Utsav this year in Mumbai. This year, even in the big pandal, the huge idols of Bappa have been made environment friendly.

This year, Ganesh Mandal has made the 22 feet idol of Bappa eco-friendly in Prabhadevi area of ​​Mumbai. This idol has been completely made with the help of paper and cardboard. Also, this year in the same pandal, all environment friendly things have been used in the decoration of Bappa.

Eco friendly sculptures

The name of this circle is Elphinstancha Raja, who has been keeping the idol of Ganpati Bappa since 1992. However, for the last 5 years he started making his sculptures in an environmentally friendly manner. This year 100 percent idol is eco friendly. In this idol, Bappa has been installed over Sheshnag in the sea. Many messages have also been kept along with the decoration of this idol, such as don’t offer flower garlands to God and donate a book and a pen. A separate room was also made for breastfeeding women.

All the idols have been made in an eco-friendly manner at the Paper Call Workshop in Curry Road area of ​​Mumbai. Parag Pardhi, owner and sculptor of this workshop, said that compared to the last few years, the trend of eco-friendly idols has increased this year. He said that the demand has increased a lot, 250 of his small idols have been booked. He has also sold 10 big and grand statues.

Booking of idols is done 10 months in advance

According to sculptor Parag Paradhi, ‘It takes time to make these statues, hence booking orders come 8 to 10 months in advance. These idols are 3 times more expensive. It is more expensive than POP idols. Even today, eco-friendly idols are not used much in Mumbai city, but still everyone is requested to immerse only eco-friendly idols keeping in mind the environment.

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