The number of voters in this country is equal to the population of Uttar Pradesh.

Lok Sabha Elections: Uttar Pradesh is one of the major states of India. It is the fourth largest state of India in terms of population. According to the 2011 census, the total population of Uttar Pradesh was 19 crore 98 lakh. The last census in India was recorded in the year 2011. After this, census was to be conducted in the year 2021, but due to Covid and other reasons, the census could not be conducted.

According to unofficial figures, at present the population of Uttar Pradesh is approximately 24 crores. You will be surprised to know that the population of UP is more than that of many countries. In the year 2021, the total population of Pakistan was recorded at 23.14 crores.

20 crore voters in Indonesia
In terms of population, only China, America, Indonesia and Pakistan are ahead of Uttar Pradesh. According to the information, at present the total population of Uttar Pradesh is almost equal to the total voters of Indonesia. At present there are about 20 crore voters in Indonesia, which is slightly less than the total population of UP. In Indonesia, there are 49.91 percent male and 50.09 percent female voters.

Indonesia’s total population is 27 crores.
The population of Indonesia at present is 27 crore 38 lakhs. Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world in terms of population. Only China, India and America have more population than this. At present, China’s population is the largest in the world. A total of 141 crore people live here.

Highest population of Muslims
Not only this, Indonesia has the world’s largest Muslim population. The population of Indonesia is equal to 3.45 percent of the total population of the world. About 59 percent people here live in cities. Surabaya city is the most populous city in the country, where a total of 2.37 crore people live.

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