The Lieutenant Governor will be the boss, know how the government will run after the formation of the Delhi Service Act?

GNCTD Amendment Bill 2023: In the country’s capital, Delhi, there has been a tussle between the Center and the Delhi government for a long time. On Monday (August 7), after the ongoing uproar over the Delhi Service Bill, this bill was also passed by the Rajya Sabha. Earlier it has also been passed in the Lok Sabha.

The name of this bill is ‘Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (Amendment) Bill, 2023’. Now it will be sent to the President, from where after getting approval, it will take the form of law. After the law is made, many matters including transfer-posting in Delhi will go to the Lieutenant Governor. If we understand it in a straight way, then after the enactment of this law, the Lieutenant Governor will be the boss of Delhi and the power of the Kejriwal government will decrease. Let’s understand how?

LG will be the boss of Delhi

The National Capital Civil Services Authority (NCCSA) will include the Chief Minister, Chief Secretary of Delhi, Principal Home Secretary of Delhi. This authority will recommend transfer-posting of officers to LG. Apart from this, recommendations will also be sent to the Lieutenant Governor on disciplinary matters against the guilty officers.

The Bill empowers the Lieutenant Governor to exercise his ‘sole discretion’ on major matters including recommendations made by the NCCSA. The Lieutenant Governor will also have the right to summon, adjourn and dissolve the Delhi Legislative Assembly.

LG’s decision will be final

The recommendations of the NCCSA will be based on majority and the LG will have the power to either approve the recommendations, ask for reconsideration or in case of difference of opinion on any matter, the decision of the LG will be final.

The Secretary shall not be bound to consult the Minister concerned and may bring the matter directly to the notice of the Lieutenant Governor. It empowers the President of India to appoint officers, boards, commissions, statutory bodies or functionaries for the purposes of any Act of Parliament relating to the Union List.

Have the powers of Delhi’s Kejriwal government reduced?

According to experts, after this bill became law, the Lieutenant Governor has become supreme, after which the officials will give more attention to the matter of LG. Former Chief Secretary of Delhi, Omesh Sehgal says that the powers which were with the Chief Minister, will no longer be there and the LG will take the decision. The powers of the elected government will be further reduced than before.

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