The ‘danger’ of deepfakes will end, the government can bring a law, called a meeting with social media companies

<पी शैली="पाठ-संरेखण: औचित्य सिद्ध करें;">Deepfake Rules: Union Minister of State for Electronics and Technology Rajiv Chandrashekhar has said that the Central Government is considering bringing a new law to deal with deepfakes and misinformation. The Union Minister has also called two separate meetings with officials of social media companies on Thursday and Friday. In the meeting to be held on Thursday, tampering in photo-videos will be discussed, while in Friday’s meeting the adherence to IT rules will be discussed.

According to Hindustan Times report, Chandrashekhar said that Internet and Artificial Intelligence are empowering. But they are being used to cause harm, create tension in the society, create chaos and spread violence. He said that deepfakes are a very urgent, clear and present threat to Indian internet users. He was referring to recent cases related to misuse of deepfakes.

What did the IT Minister say?

Speaking to news agency ANI, Rajiv Chandrashekhar said, ‘We have already worked very hard and prepared the IT rules in April 2023. We are going to create a framework, but it is not going to be limited to this. If necessary, a new law will also be made to ensure that deepfakes or misleading information are not generated on a large scale. This is being done for the safety and trust of 1.2 billion Indians present on the Internet.

Meeting with social media companies

At the same time, the IT Ministry has decided to hold a meeting on November 20 with all those social media companies which have more than 5 crore users in India. These social media companies include big companies like Google, Meta. Two days ago, IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnav had said that his ministry is going to hold a meeting to discuss deepfakes. These meetings are scheduled to be held on Thursday (23 November) and Friday (24 November). This meeting is going to be held in Rail Bhawan.

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