‘The child has just been born’, Supriya Sule said on Ajit’s rebellion – I am in touch with the MLA who went

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Maharashtra politics crisis: Party leader Supriya Sule has reacted to NCP leader Ajit Pawar and eight MLAs accompanying him joining the Eknath Shinde-led Maharashtra government. He spoke of passing of more time to comment on the developments and said that he was in touch with the MLAs who had accompanied Ajit Pawar.

Supriya Sule is the daughter of NCP chief Sharad Pawar and sister of Ajit Pawar. He was made the working president of NCP on 10 June. Supriya Sule said on the issue of Ajit Pawar at a press conference in Mumbai on Sunday (July 2), “The child has just been born, let it breathe, look ahead, what happens.”

I am in touch with MLAs- Supriya Sule

The NCP leader said, “It hasn’t even been 24 hours till now regarding this incident. That’s why can’t say anything. Let time pass, then we will know what has happened.” He said, “I am still in touch with the MLAs who went with Ajit Pawar. I talked to him yesterday also and will talk to him in the future as well.

Is Supriya Sule supporting Ajit Pawar?

Is Supriya Sule supporting Ajit Pawar? When asked, the NCP leader said, “I am not doing this.” During the press conference, she said, “The responsibility has also come upon me. He said, “Whatever happened is sad. Sharad Pawar treated everyone like a family and he is our senior leader. His response was that we are living in a democratic country, where everyone has the right to speak and express himself. This step of Ajit Pawar is his own decision. My relation with Ajit Pawar will not change, he will always be my elder brother.

Supriya Sule said, “There was never any hatred or any misunderstanding within the NCP. Ajit Pawar’s views were different and ours are different. We respect all our MLAs. I always talk to party workers and leaders.

Ajit will always be a brother- Supriya

Supriya Sule said, “Ajit will always be my brother. I will always have love for Ajit. We had a connection emotionally as well. What happened between him and me is known only to me and him. There can never be any personal dispute between him and me. Going forward, there will be no such thing in both of us that will spoil the talk between us. We keep our personal and professional life separate.

He said, “It has been only 12 hours since this incident, so far no solution has come out. The full story has not come out. I don’t want to say anything until the whole story comes out.” She also said that she was not aware of what Ajit had done.

Supriya Sule said – lack of confidence in BJP

Answering the questions of journalists, he said, “One thing Pawar Saab said two-three times that we will not get trapped in all this, we will go directly to the people, talk to people.” The people of Maharashtra and the country will decide.” He said that the BJP has taken this step regarding the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. There is a lack of confidence in BJP regarding 2024. He said that the picture will be clear in the next two-three days.

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