Terror conspiracy in Punjab from Pakistan-Canada, ongoing nexus of Khalistan-gangsters network

Khalistan-Gangster Network: These days the National Investigation Agency (NIA) is investigating the network of Khalistan-gangsters. A big information has come to light in the NIA investigation. The way Pakistani intelligence agency ISI and underworld nexus used to work in Mumbai in the 90s. Just like this, the network of Khalistan-gangsters is working these days. These Khalistani terrorists are operating abroad.

NIA has told that in the 1993 Mumbai blasts, Pakistani intelligence agency ISI had used the network of Mumbai gangsters. Similarly, now Khalistani terrorists present in Canada and Pakistan are using these gangsters who have escaped from Punjab and are sitting abroad for terrorist conspiracies against India. Somewhere, this is a matter of concern for India and now action has also been initiated against them. On Wednesday, NIA raided many places.

Khalistani terrorists have relations with Punjabi singers and players

NIA has written in its charge sheet that the way the relations between Bollywood and underworld were revealed. Similarly, the relationship between these absconding gangsters-turned-Khalistani terrorists present in Canada, Pakistan and other countries and many singers, businessmen, Kabaddi players and lawyers of Punjab has also been revealed during the investigation.

It is also written in the charge sheet that Arshdeep Dalla and many other syndicates have contacts with many foreign intelligence agencies. Especially from Pakistani intelligence agency, who are using them against the sovereignty and integrity of India.

Funding is done like this

The investigation by the investigating agency revealed that the main source of funding of Arshdeep Dalla and his syndicate is taking over lands and buildings and forcibly purchasing expensive lands at throwaway prices. Also, this syndicate grew the syndicate by strengthening its relations with politicians and bureaucrats on the basis of power and fear.

Sunil Baliyan alias Tillu Tajpuria, Naveen Bali and Neeraj Bawana and Kaushal Chaudhary, Amit Dagar, who were close to Arshdeep Dalla or rather were part of his syndicate, first interfered in the initial phase of real estate in Gurugram and later identified themselves as gangster-terrorists. Converted into syndicate.

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