Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin targets PM Modi on Uniform Civil Code, did he say anything?

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Uniform Civil Code: The rhetoric has started after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement on Uniform Civil Code (UCC) in Bhopal on Tuesday (June 27). Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin on Thursday (June 29) targeted PM Modi and said that he is trying to disturb the law and order.

DMK President Stalin claimed in Chennai that PM Modi was trying to start religious violence. He said, “PM Modi says that there should not be two types of laws in the country. By saying this, they are thinking of inciting communal feelings and winning the 2024 Lok Sabha elections by creating confusion in the country. ,

What did MK Stalin say?
According to news agency PTI, Stalin said that people are ready to teach a lesson to the BJP in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Actually PM Modi had said that the opposition is opposing the Uniform Civil Code for vote bank.

What did PM Modi say?
PM Modi had said, “We are seeing that work is being done to incite people in the name of Uniform Civil Code. If there is one law for one member of the family in one house, another for the other, will that family be able to run? Then how will the country be able to run with such a dual system? We have to remember that the Constitution of India also talks about equal rights of citizens.

He said that ‘these people (opposition) accuse us but the reality is that they do Muslims, Muslims. If they were really (working) in the interest of Muslims, Muslim families would not have lagged behind in education and jobs.

PM Modi further said that triple talaq is an essential part of Islam, so why is it not in countries like Pakistan, Qatar, Jordan, Indonesia. Why was it closed there? I understand that Muslims want a free hand to oppress their daughters by hanging the noose of triple talaq, that’s why they support it. Wherever I go, Muslim sisters stand with BJP.

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