Supreme Court will monitor Delhi pollution issue, said- will not wait till next season

Delhi Pollution: The matter of pollution in Delhi-NCR was heard in the Supreme Court on Tuesday (21 November). During the hearing, the court asked the lawyer of Punjab that what has happened to the stubble being burnt in the fields i.e. farm fire? In response, the lawyer said that the government has taken steps. Our suggestion is that the Center and all the states should work together in a timely manner so that this situation does not arise in the next season. On this the court said that there will be no wait for the next season. We will monitor the matter.

During the hearing, the court said that if some farmers are burning stubble without caring for the people, then why is the government not taking strict action. You should not buy grains from those farmers who burn stubble. Why should those who break the law get benefits? The apex court bench said that although it is also true that when the grains of other states can be sold in Punjab for MSP, then why can’t the grains of one farmer be sold by another farmer? So perhaps this will not be the solution.

Was the fine imposed on farmers recovered? the court asked

The court asked the lawyer appearing on behalf of the Punjab government that you had said about imposing a fine of Rs 2 crore. Is the fine only imposed or is it also recovered? Tell us about the recovery in the next hearing. We also want to know the FIR you have filed. Is it on the owner of the farm or on unknown people? The bench said that since there will be no solution by not giving MSP, can those who burn stubble be stopped from cultivating paddy? When we will not be able to plant paddy, we will stop burning stubble also.

Necessary machines should be provided to farmers

The Supreme Court said that in Bihar, if people harvest crops by hand, then there is no problem of stubble. In Punjab too, many small farmers are selling crop residue instead of burning it. There is a need to encourage big farmers. They will also get benefit. The state government should provide the necessary machines.

The bench said that UP and Haryana governments are providing this machine on rent to the farmers. Punjab should also do this. Of all the cases of stubble burning in Punjab, fine has been imposed only on 20% of them. That too has not been recovered. We should be given a report on recovery by the next hearing.

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