Sixth Rajya Sabha seat or Vidarbha fort? This was the plan behind the deal with BJP!

Ashok Chavan’s resignation: Where the script was written to strengthen the India Alliance, one brick at a time is seen breaking. Nitish (Nitish Kumar) in Bihar, Jayant (Jayant Chaudhary) in UP and now former Chief Minister and senior Congress leader Ashok Chavan (Ashok Chavan Resigns) in Maharashtra surprised everyone by resigning from the Congress. While resigning, Ashok Chavan said, I have resigned, no one has yet decided to join the party.

Ashok Chavan’s resignation is a big blow for Congress in Maharashtra. There is talk of him joining BJP. Although Chavan is maintaining silence on this, but developments are indicating that this silence will not last long. Ashok Chavan has held senior ministerial posts in the Congress governments of Maharashtra and was also the Chief Minister for two years. Ashok Chavan’s father Shankar Rao Chavan has also been the Chief Minister of Maharashtra twice. There is only father son duo in Maharashtra, who have been CM. Ashok Chavan, who till yesterday had demanded maximum seats for Congress in the INDIA alliance meeting, has now broken his ties with the party. Although Congress is saying, it does not matter if anyone leaves.

Why did Ashok Chavan resign?

Former CM Ashok Chavan has also said that he has not resigned due to any compulsion. There were many party issues due to which he had to resign. Congress leader Vijay Wadettiwar has said, “There is no loss to the party due to someone coming and going. People keep coming and going in the party.” Ashok Chavan’s resignation from Congress may be shocking, but it was being speculated for almost a year, because Ashok Chavan was unhappy with the Congress leadership for a long time. There were many reasons for this.

  1. The first reason was that Ashok Chavan wanted the post of President of Maharashtra Pradesh Congress, but the post of President was given to Nana Patole. In the last few months, the tension between Nana Patole and Ashok Chavan had increased a lot.
  2. Second reason – After the resignation of Uddhav Thackeray and the fall of the Mahavikas Aghadi government, Ashok Chavan wanted a better role for himself, but after the split between the two groups first in Shiv Sena and later in NCP, Ashok Chavan does not see the future of Mahavikas Aghadi in Maharashtra. Was.
  3. Third reason- Ashok Chavan was also not happy with the distribution of Lok Sabha seats in Maharashtra. Ashok Chavan was not happy with the fact that out of 48 seats in the state, Shiv Sena contested more seats and National Party Congress contested less seats.

What is the plan of central politics?

If Ashok Chavan had wanted, he could have joined BJP long ago and taken a ministerial post in Shinde cabinet, but Maharashtra BJP leaders were not happy with taking Ashok Chavan into the cabinet. Maharashtra BJP leaders wanted Ashok Chavan to join BJP but do central politics, but if not today then tomorrow Chavan will join BJP because the deal has been done. Last year itself, several meetings took place between Ashok Chavan and Devendra Fadnavis. The central leadership of BJP has also given the green signal to include Ashok Chavan in BJP. Many big leaders of BJP have said on public platform that doors are open for Ashok Chavan.

What is BJP saying on Chavan’s resignation?

Maharashtra BJP President Chandrashekhar Bawankule has made it clear that if anyone wants to join BJP, he is welcome. It has been learned that Ashok Chavan will not join BJP alone. Along with him, 12-14 MLAs will also leave Congress and join BJP, but this can happen after the Rajya Sabha elections. Actually, elections are to be held on 6 Rajya Sabha seats of Maharashtra on 27th February. On the basis of numbers, BJP can win three, Shiv Sena Eknath Shinde one, NCP Ajit Pawar one Rajya Sabha seat, but BJP is also eyeing the sixth seat. BJP hopes that if cross voting takes place then the sixth seat can also be won…

Is BJP eyeing the sixth Rajya Sabha seat?

MLA supporting Ashok Chavan will play an important role for this sixth seat of Rajya Sabha. MLAs supporting Ashok Chavan will not join BJP yet. It can be announced at the right time. However, there is talk that Mahavikas Aghadi may field former Governor Raghuram Rajan as its joint candidate for Rajya Sabha.

Chavan will become the ace of Vidarbha’s fort

The question is also why BJP has its eyes on Ashok Chavan only. There is a clear and direct answer to this. Shiv Sena has broken. NCP has also broken. Sharad Pawar’s age is increasing and his grip is weakening. In such a situation, with the arrival of Ashok Chavan, BJP will get a big Maratha face and its support base in Vidarbha will be strengthened, because before the Lok Sabha elections, BJP has conducted a survey of 48 seats in Maharashtra. In it, it has been said that BJP will face challenge on 6 Lok Sabha seats of Vidarbha. In such a situation, if Ashok Chavan joins BJP, BJP can easily win Vidarbha.

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