Seema Haider is fond of smoking beedi! Does not listen to Sachin even when he refuses, reveals the landlord

Seema Haider-Sachin Love Story: Ever since Pakistani woman Seema Haider came to India, she has been continuously claiming that she is deeply in love with her Indian boyfriend Sachin Meena. Meanwhile, there has been a big disclosure about the relationship between Seema and Sachin that the relationship between the two was not only of love, but there used to be conflicts between the two. This claim has been made by the landlord of Seema-Sachin living in a rented house in Ambedkar Nagar, Noida. He also told that Sachin used to beat Seema as well.

Landlord told, Sachin used to beat Seema for smoking beedi
The landlord told that sometimes there used to be a lot of quarrels between the two. He told that Seema used to smoke beedi and did not agree even when Sachin refused. For this reason Sachin used to beat him.

Seema not ready to go back to Pakistan
On the other hand, Seema Haider is repeatedly claiming her true love for Sachin and is not ready to go to Pakistan under any circumstances. Seema Haider is now busy in finding her future in India. He says, “I have no future in Pakistan…people are killed there in the name of pride…I am from the Baloch tribe, they will not spare me.”

38 page mercy petition sent to President Murmu
Not only this, Seema has also sent a 38-page mercy petition to President Draupadi Murmu to get Indian citizenship. In this, she has sought permission to live in India with the children… In the presence of the police, Seema said, “I am now the daughter-in-law of India and I want to live here. I have nothing to do with Pakistan.”

Seema left home for Sachin, left her husband, even left the country. Now she wants to spend her whole life with Sachin and does not want to go back to Pakistan. However, the demand to send him to Pakistan is continuously rising.

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