SC stays Rahul Gandhi’s sentence: Singhvi argues – this is not a rape, kidnapping or murder case

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Rahul Gandhi defamation case: Rahul Gandhi has got a big relief from the Supreme Court in the Modi surname case. After which his parliament membership will now be restored. On behalf of Rahul, the decision of the High Court was challenged, in which his sentence of two years was upheld. The Supreme Court has given a decision to ban this punishment. During this, the lawyers of the petitioner and Rahul Gandhi kept their arguments in the court. After listening to all the arguments and arguments, the Supreme Court gave its verdict.

Singhvi expressed surprise at the two-year sentence
Senior advocate Abhishek Manu Singhvi, who appeared in the Supreme Court on behalf of Rahul Gandhi, expressed surprise at the two-year sentence given to Rahul Gandhi. He said that it is very rare for the court to award a sentence of two years in a defamation case. This is not a case of kidnapping, rape and murder, in which maximum punishment should be given to the guilty. Singhvi further said that the effect of maximum punishment would be to silence Rahul Gandhi for the next 8 years. Because after this decision, he will not be able to contest any election.

Justice Gavai mentioned old cases
Meanwhile, Justice BR Gavai interrupted Singhvi and said that the judges who pronounce the verdict also talk about Rahul Gandhi’s old criminal cases. Responding to this, Singhvi said that earlier a defamation case was registered against Rahul, in which he had apologised. Apart from this, all the cases have been registered on the basis of complaints made by BJP workers.

The High Court gave its verdict after 66 days
Singhvi further said that he (Rahul Gandhi) is not a hardcore criminal. He has not been punished in any case. He insisted, “There has to be some mutual respect in politics. I am not a criminal.” During this, Singhvi also told the Supreme Court that the High Court passed the order 66 days after reserving the verdict.

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