Saying ‘Let me give you a punishment today’, PM Modi took the MPs to the canteen and had lunch with them.

PM Modi in Parliament canteen: Prime Minister Narendra Modi had lunch with fellow MPs in the canteen of the new Parliament House on Friday (February 9). A call was sent from the PMO to 8 MPs of different parties that the Prime Minister wants to meet them.

These eight MPs then reached the Prime Minister’s office, but no one had any idea why they had been called? During this, PM Modi said to these people, “Let me give you a punishment today.” After this, the Prime Minister took the eight people with him to the Parliament canteen.

What was discussed?
The eight MPs stayed in the canteen with PM Modi for about an hour and had lunch. During this, these MPs asked the Prime Minister about his experiences and then he (PM Modi) shared his personal experiences and suggestions.

What did PM Modi say?
While talking to the MPs, PM Modi said that I am also a common man. I don’t always behave like a Prime Minister and I also talk to people. In such a situation, today I felt like discussing and eating food with you people. For this reason I called you all.

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