Ruckus over CPM leader’s statement on hijab, CPI(M) said – ‘This is his personal opinion, the party does not believe so’

Hijab controversy in Kerala: The party in power in Kerala is in a dilemma after the comments made by the leader of the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) regarding the hijab worn by Muslim women. On one hand, their leader has reportedly said on Hijab that every person is free to wear clothes as per his wish.

On the other hand, the party distanced itself from his statement and said that this is his personal opinion. The party has nothing to do with it. The party has a different policy in this regard. After this, the ruling party was targeted by many religious organizations and political parties. Amidst the political controversy in Kerala, CPI(M) has appointed party state committee member K. Rejecting Anil Kumar’s comment, he said that wearing clothes as per one’s choice is the fundamental right of any person and the party does not need to express any opinion on this.

Congress said this statement is absurd
Opposition Congress criticized the ruling party and termed Kumar’s statement as inappropriate and absurd. Later, Kumar said in a Facebook post that he would support the party’s stand on the issue. In a recent program organized by atheist organization Essence Global, he said that due to the influence of CPM, women in Muslim-dominated Malappuram district have stopped wearing hijab.

Muslim organizations protested
Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) leaders KM Shaji and KPA Majeed also condemned the CPI(M) leader. Shaji alleged on Facebook that CPI(M) has formed two groups, one to go among the rationalists and speak against the believers and the other to participate in the meetings of the believers and praise them.

He asked the community whether they ‘still want to believe that communism is right.’ Senior IUML MLA Majeed said Kumar’s remarks had exposed the real intentions of the Left party leadership. The IAUML leader questioned the appropriateness of associating free thought with hijab. He also alleged that the atheist program in which the controversial remarks were made was organized by a ‘Sangh Parivar-sponsored’ person.

CPM leader’s statement is an attack on personal freedom
Senior Congress leader and Leader of Opposition in the Assembly VD Satheesan condemned Kumar’s remarks. He said that who will wear what and what he will eat is a part of a person’s personal freedom and no one has the right to give advice on this.

He said that the Left leader’s statement that giving up hijab is an achievement of CPI(M) is an open attack on faith and personal freedom. Satheesan said, “What is the difference between the BJP government which bans hijab and the CPI(M) which considers giving up hijab as an achievement of the party.”

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