Regarding the new variant of Covid JN.1, AIIMS said – ‘No need to panic, just…’

Corona sub variant JN.1: After the increase in the cases of the new variant of Corona, JN.1, the doctor of Delhi AIIMS has advised to be cautious instead of panicking about it. AIIMS doctor Neeraj Nischal said, “In many states of the country, people are getting infected with the new variants of Covid. Its infection among patients is very less, so there is no need to panic.”

Not as dangerous as Delta variant – AIIMS doctor

According to ANI report, Professor Nischal of the Department of Medicine at AIIMS said, “We have been continuously saying that these types of waves of Corona will keep coming. Even during the first and second wave, we had predicted that a time would come “, when this virus will become more infectious, but at the same time the death rate will go down. People are falling ill, but they are not having as many problems as was the case earlier with the Delta variant.”

Cases may increase in future

He said, “More patients of common cold and flu are seen in this season. Therefore, it is also a type of common infection. The number of patients admitted to the hospital is not increasing nor are they requiring oxygen.” Therefore, there is no need to panic at all. We are prepared, because the cases may increase further in future.”

The new variant is not effective

He said, “The most important thing is that we know about this viral virus and we know how to deal with it. The data that is coming out shows that the new subvariant is not much different from Omicron. “

Professor Nischal said, “The health department team is investigating whether this new subvariant is causing damage to the lungs. Is it requiring oxygen or is there a need for hospitalization? We have a good monitoring system of doctors, we can stop this.”

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