Rajya Sabha elections will be held on July 24 for 10 Rajya Sabha seats in Bengal, Gujarat and Goa

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Rajya Sabha Election Date: Elections for 10 Rajya Sabha seats have been fixed on July 24. These include 6 seats in West Bengal, 3 in Gujarat and 1 in Goa. The tenure of Dola Sen, Derek O’Brien, Pradeep Bhattacharya, Sushmita Dev, Sukhendu Shekhar Ray and Shanta Chhetri in West Bengal will end on August 18.

Apart from this, the tenure of Foreign Minister S Jaishankar, Dinesh Jemalbhai Anavadiya and Lokhandwala Jugal Singh Mathurji in Gujarat is also ending on 18 August. Vinay Tendulkar’s tenure in Goa is going to end on July 28.

Full schedule of Rajya Sabha elections

The notification for the election will be issued on July 6. The last date for nomination will be July 13 and the last date for withdrawal of candidature will be July 17. Voting and counting will take place on July 24.

by-election on one seat

The Election Commission (EC) also announced the same schedule for the bypoll to one seat in West Bengal, which fell vacant on April 11 following the resignation of Trinamool Congress MP Luizinho Joaquim Faleiro. His tenure was valid till April 2, 2026.

Rajya Sabha Voting Process

The MLAs of the state vote for the election of the Rajya Sabha MP. There is no reservation in Rajya Sabha. A rule has been made in Rajya Sabha since 2003 that voting for Rajya Sabha is not by secret ballot but by open ballot.

This means that when the MLA votes, it is necessary for him to show the vote to the representative of his party, otherwise his vote is cancelled. This does not apply only to independents, but this rule applies to all the MLAs of the party.

How is voting done?

The members of the Rajya Sabha are elected on behalf of the elected members of the State Legislative Assembly. A minimum of 10 members must agree to file a nomination. The election of the members would be done on behalf of the single transferable vote as per the prescribed law. According to this, the total assembly seats of the state are divided by adding one to the number of Rajya Sabha members, then 1 is added to it.

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