‘Rahul Gandhi was asked to go by helicopter, but…’, says BJP after the convoy was stopped

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Rahul Gandhi’s convoy stopped in Manipur: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had arrived on Thursday (June 29) to visit violence-hit Manipur. After reaching Imphal, he was going towards Churachandpur to visit the relief camps. Meanwhile, the police stopped his convoy and he was not allowed to go ahead. The Congress alleges that the BJP government stopped Rahul on the way by deploying the police. However, BJP has also countered these allegations.

BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra said on Thursday (June 29), “When Rahul Gandhi landed in Imphal at 11 am and even before that an appeal was made to him and his office that considering the sensitivity of the situation here Go ahead by helicopter but he did not agree. He was also told that many people are shouting slogans against him ahead. Many organizations also raised their voice against his visit.”

‘Go back’ slogans were raised

Sambit Patra said, “Despite all this, Rahul Gandhi did not agree and he stubbornly went ahead. Rahul was opposed to this. People also raised slogans of ‘Go Back’ against him. People are questioning him whether After all, why did Congress make so many mistakes earlier, those issues have not been resolved till date. The stubbornness with which they came is not right. One should go to sensitive places with awareness.”

‘Amit Shah also went by helicopter’

Referring to the visit of Union Home Minister Amit Shah, he said that when Amit Shah had come to Manipur to take stock of the situation, helicopter service was provided at three places there. Churachandpur was also included in this. Its price is only 2500 rupees. After giving this, you can go to Churachandpur but Rahul does not believe that he is in a hurry to open a shop of love. Without discussing with anyone, he left stubbornly.”

Student Union also protested – Sambit Patra

Patra said, “Ever since the news of his (Rahul’s) visit was being aired in the local news channels of Manipur, there has been opposition to it. The student union in Manipur had also opposed it. Do not come in. Along with this, the Civil Society Organization was also against it. They had said that Rahul should not come here and do not try to ignite the spark.

Sambit Patra said, “There are many legacy issues in Manipur. The Congress party has a big hand behind the situation we are seeing in Manipur today.” However, he said that he does not want to raise these issues now as the situation in Manipur is not right now.

Reversal on Sambit Patra’s statement

Congress leader Supriya Shrinate has countered the statements of Sambit Patra. He said, “Shame on those people who are making such statements. Rahul Gandhi is going there to pacify the people. We don’t need advice from Sambit Patra. He is in charge of Manipur. What is his and his party’s responsibility?” .Whichever medium Rahul Gandhi goes, he will definitely go. When Manipur is burning, BJP is calling it an issue of heritage.”

What allegation did the Congress make?

Congress tweeted from its official handle, “Rahul Gandhi was going to meet the victims of Manipur violence. The BJP government stopped him on the way by deploying police. Rahul has gone to Manipur with a message of peace. Peace, love to those in power.” There is strong hatred for brotherhood. But they should remember that this country will run on the path of Gandhi, this country will run on the path of love.”

Jairam Ramesh also made allegations

Congress general secretary Jairam Ramesh also tweeted, “It is very unfortunate that the Modi government is preventing Rahul Gandhi from visiting relief camps and interacting with people outside Imphal. His two-day visit to Manipur is in the spirit of Bharat Jodo Yatra.” The Prime Minister can choose to remain silent or passive, but why stop Rahul Gandhi’s efforts to hear and provide relief to all sections of Manipuri society?”

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