Pure Hindi, knowledge of Hindu customs, code words in conversation? ATS asked questions to Seema

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Indo-Pak love story: Border Haider of Pakistan, who came to India after crossing the border for love, is being questioned for two consecutive days. It has been more than 17 hours since Uttar Pradesh’s ATS was interrogated from the border. The police suspect that Seema may be a spy of Pakistan. Regarding this, ATS is questioning Seema, her Indian boyfriend Sachin Meena and Sachin’s father Netrapal Singh.

Many such things have come to the fore in the interrogation of Seema, due to which the suspicion on him is getting deeper. Police are also troubled by the question that despite being a Muslim, how does Seema have such a good knowledge of Hindu customs and how she speaks such pure Hindi.

ATS asked these questions
During interrogation, the ATS asked Seema whether she was told by anyone to be careful while messaging on mobile phones and chatting on the Internet. She was also asked whether she used any code words while talking to Sachin. It was asked how she could speak Hindi so fluently and how she knew Hindu rituals so well.

Don’t know Kalma but know about mantras
Seema Haider has become a Hindu from a Muslim, but she does not know a single word of Islam. However, he remembers mantras and has a good knowledge of Hindu rituals. Due to similar things, the suspicion of the police on Seema Haider has been deepening that maybe she came to India for some other purpose and maybe on someone’s behest she came here for espionage.

Seema came to India with four children in May
Seema is constantly saying during interrogation that she came to India for the sake of her love Sachin. She had entered India via Nepal with her four children on 4th May. Currently, she is living with Sachin and his family in Rabupura area of ​​Greater Noida, Gautam Buddha Nagar. Both of them met for the first time through the gaming app PubG. Police arrested Seema on July 4 for illegally entering India and Sachin and his father were arrested for harboring illegal immigrants. However, he was released on bail on 8 July.

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