Preparations to ‘encircle’ China in the Indo-Pacific region, Indian Army will host this special conference

Indian Army News: The Indian Army is going to host a two-day conference of army chiefs of the countries of the Indo-Pacific region next week. In this conference, action against China’s increasing activities in the Indo-Pacific region will be discussed. Known as the ‘Indo-Pacific Army Chiefs Conference’ (IPACC), the theme of the conference is ‘Together for Peace: Maintaining Peace and Stability in the Indo-Pacific Region’. Indian Army has given this information.

The Army wrote on the social media platform ‘X’, IPACC is a platform for exchange of views on security, promoting peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region. Apart from this, it is also a platform to develop mutual understanding and dialogue between the partners of the Indo-Pacific. More than 30 countries will participate in this conference to discuss common issues. Apart from this conference, a program also took place on Wednesday, information about which has also been given.

When will the program take place?

The Indian Army said that during the initial program on September 20, there was a good interaction among the people who came to participate in the conference. In this, foreign service officers from different countries talked to Lieutenant General Suchindra Kumar (VCOAS Indian Army) and Lieutenant General Tarun Kumar Aich (DCOAS-Strategy). Now the army chiefs of many countries are awaited to participate in the main event to be held from 25 to 27 September in New Delhi.

What will happen at the conference?

The conference will develop a common strategy to ensure peace, prosperity and stability in the region in view of global concerns over China’s increasing military activities in the Indo-Pacific. The US Army is co-hosting this conference. The IPACC will discuss the role of military diplomacy in dealing with various crises, ways to enhance cooperation among the armed forces of the region and measures to promote interoperability.

The Indian Army will also host the 47th Indo-Pacific Armies Management Seminar (IPAMS) and Senior Enlisted Leaders Forum (SELF) along with the 13th edition of IPACC. IPACC is a biennial conference, started in 1999, in which the military chiefs of countries of the Indo-Pacific region gather to discuss issues of common interest. Army Chief General Manoj Pandey will hold bilateral meetings on the sidelines of this conference.

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