Pneumonia outbreak among children in China, what if the disease reaches India? Know how the preparation is

Pneumonia infection increasing in China: In view of the rapidly increasing mysterious Mycoplasma pneumonia infection among children and elderly in China, preparations have been completed in India too. If this infection spreads from China to India, then states have made special preparations to prevent and combat it. After the central government issued an alert in this regard, the states have started repairing the shortcomings in their medical infrastructure.

What has the central government said

Last week, after the increase in infections in China, the central government had asked all states and union territories to review hospital preparedness. It was also said that the Health Ministry of India is closely monitoring the increase in cases of infection in children in China. As an abundance of caution, the ministry had asked states to ensure availability of hospital beds, medicines and vaccines for influenza, medical oxygen, antibiotics, PPE etc.

Government ready for emergency in Karnataka
After the alert from the Central Government, Karnataka Health Minister Dinesh Gundu Rao said that all preparations have been completed to deal with the infection in the hospitals of the state. He said, there is no need to panic about the disease. The hospitals of the state are ready for any kind of emergency.

He says, “We have also received guidelines from the Government of India. I asked the officials to look into all this. We have now asked all our hospitals to be prepared. Availability of mock drill, oxygen, beds, PPE kits has been ensured. At present there is no need to panic, there is no such situation.”

Precautions are being taken in examining children in Tamil Nadu
In Tamil Nadu, children are being examined very carefully for symptoms like cold, cough, fever and difficulty in breathing. State Health Minister Subramaniam told news agency ANI, ‘Pneumonia fever has been detected in China. Its effect has been found more on children. In this regard, the Public Health Department is investigating fever in children very carefully. At present no such infection has been detected in Tamil Nadu.

Preparations completed in Gujarat also
All kinds of preparations have been completed in Gujarat regarding the infection. The state has re-examined the oxygen availability and bed preparations made during the period of the Covid-19 pandemic in Gujarat. State Health Minister Rushikesh Patel said that the state government and the central government are ready to deal with any emergency that may arise due to the increase in cases of respiratory disease in China. He said that whatever arrangements were made at the time of Corona are still perfect.

What does WHO say?

Because its symptoms are similar to Covid infection, the World Health Organization (WHO) has also taken a report on this matter. After receiving a response from China on this new infection, WHO has currently said that the latest cases of respiratory diseases in China are related to infection with known viruses like Mycoplasma pneumoniae. The World Health Organization has also said that its spread has increased after the removal of Covid restrictions. It is a common bacterial infection, which usually affects children and has been spreading in Beijing and Liaoning province since May this year.

What did Chinese officials say

Regarding the increasing infection, Chinese officials have issued a health advisory asking people to avoid going to crowded areas. Melbourne School of Health Sciences head Bruce Thompson said preliminary data showed there was nothing unusual. Thompson said, ‘Sample testing has been done. “Nothing has been found to indicate that this could be a new variant of Covid.”

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