‘PM Modi’s eye on the situation in Manipur since day one’, Amit Shah said at the all party meeting

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Manipur violence all party meeting: An all-party meeting was held under the chairmanship of Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Saturday (June 24) regarding the ongoing violence in Manipur. During this, Amit Shah said, “On the instructions of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, all efforts are being made to restore peace in Manipur. All political parties sensitively and apolitically gave their suggestions for restoring peace in Manipur and India The government will consider these suggestions with an open mind.”

Amit Shah said that the Modi government is determined to find a solution to the Manipur problem by taking everyone along. It is the priority of the Modi government that now not even a single person’s life should be lost in violence in the state. The situation in Manipur is slowly returning to normal, since the late night of 13th June, not a single person has died in violence in the state, till now 1800 looted weapons have been deposited.

Update on deployment of security forces

Shah said, “36,000 security personnel are deployed in the state, 40 IPS officers have been sent to Manipur, 20 medical teams have been sent, the supply of all essential items including medicines is being ensured. At the same time, the Myanmar-Manipur border But 10 km fencing has been completed, tender has been floated for fencing 80 km border and the remaining border survey is going on.”

thanks to all political parties

Along with this, the Union Home Minister urged all political parties to cooperate to help normalize the situation and restore peace and trust among various communities in Manipur at the earliest. He thanked Prime Minister Modi and the Government of India for giving useful suggestions to other political parties for the solution of the Manipur problem.

What did JP Nadda say?

At the same time, BJP President JP Nadda said that all possible steps are being taken by the Government of India and Home Minister Amit Shah for a quick solution to the Manipur problem. PM Modi is also keeping an eye on this whole incident from day one. Manipur problem is very sensitive and it needs to be solved with sensitivity. He said, “Manipur problem has many old reasons at its root which also led to the outbreak of the present violence.”

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