PM Modi took refuge in Lord Vishnu and offered prayers at Sri Ranganathaswamy temple.

PM Narendra Modi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday (January 20) offering prayers at the famous Sri Ranganathaswamy temple in Srirangam, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu. Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple is considered to be one of the most important temples for the worship of Lord Vishnu. PM Modi came wearing traditional attire to worship in this temple. However, after the puja, a video has surfaced in which he can be seen feeding an elephant.

Actually, PM Modi had fed cows on the occasion of Makar Sankranti. After this, he has now been seen feeding the elephant in the temple. Not only this, but he also took blessings from Gujarat. A 24-second video of the PM feeding an elephant has surfaced, in which he first feeds it and it lifts its trunk. PM Modi can also be seen lovingly caressing the trunk of the elephant.

A huge crowd gathered to see the PM

The name of the elephant who blessed PM Modi is ‘Andal’. He also played the mouth organ for the PM. On the arrival of the Prime Minister, a huge crowd gathered on the way to welcome the Prime Minister. PM Modi also greeted the crowd by waving from his vehicle. Srirangam Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Sri Ranganathar. Srirangam Temple is the largest temple complex in India and one of the greatest religious complexes in the world.

When was the temple built?

The Ranganathaswamy temple is believed to be built during the Vijayanagara period (1336-1565). The abode of the deity in the temple is often referred to as Naam Perumal and Azhagiya Manavalan. In Tamil it means ‘our God’ and ‘handsome groom’. The grand Ranganathaswamy temple is home to Lord Ranganatha, a form of Lord Vishnu in a reclining posture. At the same time, the priests of the temple gave a special welcome to the Prime Minister with slogans written in Sanskrit.

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