‘PM Modi tell…’ Owaisi asked question about Pasmanda, told Congress- wearing your cap…

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Owaisi on PM Modi: After the statement made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Bhopal on June 27, there has been a disturbance in the opposition. PM Modi, while addressing party workers, advocated for Uniform Civil Code (UCC). Along with this, he had also mentioned the Pasmanda Muslims and said that a section of his own religion had exploited the Pasmanda Muslims. All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) leader Asaduddin Owaisi has retaliated on this statement of PM Modi.

Sharing a media report, Asaduddin Owaisi wrote on Twitter, PM Modi said that a section of Muslims is not allowing Pasmanda Muslims to move forward. But the truth is that all Muslims are poor and upper caste Muslims are even poorer than OBC Hindus. Along with this, Owaisi questioned PM Modi that he is the PM of the whole country, then why did he reduce the budget of minority welfare by 40 percent?

Owaisi further asked, why did his government oppose reservation for Dalit Muslims in the Supreme Court? Why BJP opposed reservation for backward Muslims. Why would they also put the blame of this social injustice on UCC?

Owaisi also surrounded the Congress

Owaisi also questioned Congress and other parties. He said, Congress and other social justice parties should tell us – we will get our due share, or we should be happy that your leader wore a skull cap in Iftar.

What did PM Modi say on Pasmanda Muslims?

PM Modi addressed the booth workers of BJP in the Mera Booth, Sabse Shakti program. During this, he had discussed Pasmanda among Muslims. The PM had said that those doing vote bank politics have made Pasmanda’s life difficult. They got destroyed, they didn’t get any benefit. A section of his own religion exploited him so much, but it is not discussed. Pasmanda do not get equal rights even today, they are considered inferior and untouchable. The PM said, many generations of Pasmanda have suffered due to discrimination, but the BJP is working with the spirit of development for all.

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