PM Modi said at Reagan Center – This is Mini India… Big update on H1-B visa

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PM Modi at Regam Centre: During Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to America, that moment also came for which lakhs of Indians settled there were eagerly waiting. Prime Minister Modi addressed the Indian community on Friday (June 23) at the Ronald Reagan Center in Washington DC. PM Modi said, you people have made this hall a full map of India. It looks like mini India has sprung up. Thank you very much for showing such a beautiful picture of India in America.

During this, PM Modi also thanked US President Joe Biden and said that he has been instrumental in taking the Indo-US partnership to a new height. Biden is a settled and experienced politician. In these three days, the glorious journey of mutual relations between India and America has begun.

Loud applause on these announcements of PM Modi

During the address, PM Modi told that India is going to open a new consulate in Cieter this year. Apart from this, Indian consulates will also be opened in two more cities of America. At the same time, new consulates of America are going to open in Ahmedabad and Bengaluru.

Giving a big update on H1-B visa, PM Modi said, now it has been decided that Indians will not have to go out of America to renew H1-B visa. Now this visa will be renewed while living in America. After this announcement of PM Modi, there was applause in the hall for a long time and slogans of Modi-Modi were raised.

Jobs will come from American investment

PM Modi told during the address that it has been decided to make fighter jet engine in India. Boeing will invest $100 billion in India. Along with this, the talk of sending India’s astronaut in space with NASA has also progressed. US investment will boost employment and innovation in India.

Trying to touch the hearts of the Indian people

Making a connection with the Indian diaspora, PM Modi said, you are busy with your work here. I know, your heart remains attached to India as well. You feel proud when the whole world starts dancing to the tune of natu-natu.

Referring to India’s achievements, Prime Minister Narendra Modi told the reason for India’s development to the country’s self-confidence and said, this is the India which knows its path, direction, which has no doubt about its decisions. India is investing on its infrastructure today. Today in India any person can do banking from anywhere. This is the right opportunity for maximum investment in India.

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