PM Modi gave an important statement on Uniform Civil Code, so did Congress say anything?

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Congress on PM Modi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi also talked about the Uniform Civil Code in his address on Tuesday (June 27) in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh. On this, now senior Congress leader Tariq Anwar has retaliated.

Anwar said, “Any law is made, it is for everyone and he has to follow it, then what is the need to discuss the bill which has already been passed? PM Modi is doing this because Because elections are round the corner and he has done nothing for the country.”

KC Venugopal’s statement

Congress General Secretary KC Venugopal has also given a sharp reaction to PM Modi’s UCC statement. He said, “The PM should first answer about the poverty, price rise and unemployment in the country. He never speaks on the Manipur issue, the whole state is burning. He is only diverting people’s attention from all these issues.”

What did PM Modi say?

In the ‘Mera Booth Sabse Saubhag’ program in Bhopal, PM Modi gave a big statement regarding the Uniform Civil Code in the country. He said, “People are being instigated in the name of Uniform Civil Code. The house will not be able to run with two laws in one house. The Constitution of India also talks about equal rights of a citizen.”

Law commission has sought opinion

There has been a political debate on the issue of Uniform Civil Code. All the leaders of the opposition are besieging the Modi government at the center on this issue. In fact, since the suggestion was sought from the Law Commission, the topic of UCC has once again come into limelight. The commission has asked common people and heads of religious institutions to give their opinion on the subject.

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