Pakistani girl suffering from infantile osteoporosis, gets bone marrow transplant in India

Bone marrow transplant: Samavia, an 11-month-old Pakistani girl suffering from infantile osteopetrosis, successfully underwent marrow transplant at a private hospital in Bengaluru, Karnataka. When Samaviya was five months old, she was brought to Narayana Health City for treatment. During examination in the hospital, it was found that he was suffering from a rare genetic disorder, Infantile Osteopetrosis, which is a fatal disease.

According to Narayana Health City, the rare genetic disorder is also known as marble bone disease. Due to this the patient has to face serious challenges. Due to this, the bones become stiff and the ability to hear and see can be affected. Apart from this, it can also cause bone marrow failure, due to which the patient can die within a few years.

cranial decompression of child
Infantile osteopetrosis can be treated through bone marrow transplant, but there are many complications associated with resection. Samavia was evaluated in March, the hospital said. At that time she was only five months old. His eyesight could have diminished. To save his eyesight, a cranial decompression procedure had to be done immediately.

After this, careful pre-transplant preparations were made and on May 16, a half-match transplant of the donor was done using his father’s stem cells.

Transplant done with modern method
The hospital said, what makes Samavia’s case different is the innovative TCR alpha beta and CD45 RA depletion technique adopted during the transplant. Cutting-Edge Method This cutting-edge method, designed for patients without a full-match donor, has shown great success.

Girl freed from osteopetrosis
According to the hospital, “Today, four months after the transplant, Samavia has been declared free from infantile osteopetrosis. Her blood contains 100% donor cells. Her recovery process is underway and her bone remodeling is progressing positively.” Has been.”

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