Pakistan extended Anju’s visa, planning to settle there amid rain of gifts

Anju Nasrallah News: Anju’s visa has been extended after leaving India to reach Pakistan to meet her love on social media. Anju, a mother of two, married her boyfriend Nasrullah after moving to Pakistan in July and changed her name to Fatima. Anju, a resident of Alwar in Rajasthan, is currently in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan.

According to Pakistan’s Aaj English report, local officials say that Anju has converted to Islam after marrying Pakistani lover Nasrullah. However, both Nasrullah and Anju are denying this while talking to Indian channels.

It’s raining gifts on Anju
Anju, who reached Pakistan to find online love, is showered with gifts after her marriage with Nasrullah. However, it is believed that an attempt is being made to trick Anju through all these gifts. It is also being linked to the case of Seema Haider, who came to India after leaving Pakistan. Anju, who became Fatima after marriage in Pakistan, has received many residential plots and money as a gift.

Pakistan extended Anju’s visa
Anju was seen with her boyfriend in Islamabad last week. Significantly, according to Anju’s visa, she is not allowed to leave Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. At the same time, similar visa rules are adopted from the Indian side as well. According to MEA documents, Anju had a one-month visa to stay in Upper Dir. Nasrullah has revealed that the Pakistan government has extended Anju’s visa for two months.

Making plans to live in Pakistan
According to Pakistani news website Aaj, Nasrullah said, “Fatima (Anju)’s visa has been initially extended for two months. It is expected that later he will be given a one-year visa. Then Fatima will plan to live here permanently.” Along with this, Nasrullah said that Anju wants the Indian government to allow both her children to go to Pakistan and live with her.

Anju should follow local traditions – Nasrullah
Nasrullah ruled out the possibility of Anju returning to India. He said that Fatima (Anju) should now live her life according to the local customs and traditions of Upper Dir and he explained this to his wife. However, he said that Anju will be allowed to work and she can join his company.

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