‘…Now INDIA is a coalition’, Arvind Kejriwal’s important statement, gave this instruction to AAP workers

Arvind Kejriwal on India alliance: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal targeted the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and said that BJP has not done a single thing for the progress of the country. Addressing party workers on Monday (October 23), he said that people see India Alliance as an alternative to BJP.

He said, “Today the country is facing three problems. These include inflation, unemployment and corruption and the government has no answer to these. While requesting the people, he said that now we will have to work very hard.

‘People are looking at India Alliance as an alternative’
CM Kejriwal said, “Earlier people used to say that there is no option, but now everyone is looking at India Alliance as an option. Ever since India Alliance was formed, I have received many messages that if India Alliance survives, which it will. If it survives, their (BJP) government will not be formed in 2024.”

‘Go door to door and talk to people’
The Chief Minister said, “It is your responsibility to go to every house and talk to your friends and relatives in your colony that if you want progress and the well-being of your family, then this time they (BJP) ) Drive away.”

Advice to stay away from blind followers
Meanwhile, Arvind Kejriwal advised people not to get involved with blind devotees (BJP workers). He said, “You have to keep one thing in mind that do not get involved with blind devotees, talk to patriots, anyone who is a patriot will listen to you.”

He claimed, “A blind devotee has nothing to do with the country. He loves only one man. In two minutes one can know who is a blind devotee and who is a patriot. One who is a blind devotee cannot be a patriot and One who is a patriot cannot be a blind devotee. Both are different castes. Therefore, do not mess with blind devotees at all. They will not listen to you.”

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