Not only Ayodhya, Lord Ram is present in this city of MP too, salute is given with guns every day.

Ram Mandir Ayodhya Latest News: The wait of 500 years of Ram devotees is now over. Ram temple has been built in Ayodhya and in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple, Lord Ram is sitting in the child form of the temple. From Monday (January 22), people will be able to have darshan and worship Ramlala here. On the arrival of Ram to his abode, a period of havan, puja and celebration is also going on in the entire country.

In such a situation, today we will take you to a place different from Ayodhya where Lord Ram does not live in the form of a child but as a king and he is worshiped in a special way. This place is in Orchha, Madhya Pradesh. People here worship Lord Ram as their king. The most special thing is that here Lord Ram is given a guard of honor four times a day by the government. This place is also called Ayodhya of Madhya Pradesh. People here worship Lord Ram not in child form but as a king.

The relationship is 600 years old!

It is said that Orchha’s queen Maharani Kunwari Ganesh had brought Lord Ram from Ayodhya in child form. It is believed that Lord Shri Ramraja Sarkar stays in Orchha during the day, but goes to Ayodhya to sleep at night. People here say that the relationship between Ayodhya and Orchha is about 600 years old. This is from Samvat 1631. Orchha’s queen Maharani Kunwari Ganesh was a devotee of Ram, while Orchha’s ruler Madhukar Shah was a Krishna devotee.

Lord Ram put three conditions before going to Orchha

Once Madhukar Shah asked the queen to go to Vrindavan, but the queen rejected it and insisted on going to Ayodhya before the king. During this, the king jokingly said that you should bring your Ram from Ayodhya to Orchha. After this the Queen left for Ayodhya. The queen meditated for 21 days in Ayodhya. When Lord Ram did not come even after so much meditation, the queen jumped into the Saryu river.

It is said that after seeing her devotion, Lord Ram in child form came into the lap of the queen inside the Saryu river. After this the queen asked Lord Ram to go from Ayodhya to Orchha. Lord Ram put three conditions on this. The first condition was that after leaving here, I would not get up from the place where I sat. The second condition was that after being enthroned as the king of Orchha, no one else would have power there.

The third condition of Lord Ram was that he himself should be taken on foot in the form of a child to a special Pushya Nakshatra along with the saints. Queen Kunwari accepted all three of his conditions. After this, he came to Orchha and became known as Lord Shri Ramraja Sarkar, who was adored by the people.

Aarti is performed four times, guard of honor every time.

Aarti of Lord Ram is performed four times in the Ramraja temple of Orchha and every time he is given a gun salute i.e. guard of honour. Apart from Ramraja, no other VVIP of the country gets this Guard of Honor in the premises of Orchha Nagar. Of course, even if the Prime Minister and the President come here, they too do not get a gun salute.

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