‘No access to external agency, process is very strong’, EC on India alliance’s question related to EVM

India Alliance’s questions on EVM: General elections are going to be held this year. Earlier, questions have started again regarding the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) of the opposition alliance India. In the month of August 2023, opposition parties had written a letter to the Election Commission (EC). After this, the Election Commission has given a detailed answer on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page as to how Indian EVMs are different from Germany’s banned EVMs.

According to the report of Indian Express, while on one hand the India Block, while passing the resolution on December 19, had said that the Election Commission does not want to meet the Indian delegation on this matter, on the other hand it is being told that the Election Commission should give a reply to the alliance in advance. Already happened. In the response of the Election Commission, reference has been made to the FAQ on EVMs uploaded in the month of August.

What did the Election Commission say in response?

The FAQ uploaded on the Election Commission website contains answers to 76 questions. Whereas earlier there used to be answers to only 39 questions. One of the questions is whether the confidential software of EVM manufacturing companies can be shared with foreign chip manufacturers?

In response, the EC said, “Microcontrollers are ported with firmware under high level security and its measures. For this there is 4 layer security and microcontrollers are ported to L3 security. Where only a select few people enter. “No external agency – whether indigenous or foreign – is involved in loading the firmware program in the microcontroller.”

What did the Election Commission say on VVPAT?

On Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT), the Election Commission said it has two types of memory – one where program instructions are kept for microcontrollers, which can be programmed only once. The second one is where graphical images are stored. The place where the symbols of the candidates are loaded in the presence of the candidates or their representatives.

How is Indian EVM different from the banned German machine?

In response to this question, Election Agoy says, “EVMs are manufactured by Central Government PSUs with secure facilities and undergo a rigorous third party testing. Indian EVM is robust and implements technology and process which is different. “The Supreme Court of India and various High Courts have repeatedly examined the machines and expressed confidence in ECI’s EVMs.”

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