Nirmala Sitharaman said- DMK has been running ‘anti-Hindu’ campaign for 70 years, INDIA is against Sanatak.

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Nirmala Sitharaman on Sanatan Row: Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has termed India, the alliance of opposition parties including DMK, as against Hindus and Sanatan Dharma. In a special interview given to NDTV on Friday (September 15), Sitharaman said, ‘DMK leader and Minister (Tamil Nadu) Udhayanidhi Stalin has talked about destroying Sanatan Dharma.’

Making a sharp attack on Congress, the Finance Minister said, ‘The oldest party Congress is supporting such groups which want to break India. DMK’s declared policy has been anti-Sanatan.

Sitharaman claimed that she herself was a witness to this. Nirmala said, ‘The people of Tamil Nadu have always suffered this. The rest of the country did not understand this because of the language barrier. DMK has been doing this for the last 70 years. Now is the era of social media, so people do not need a translator and are easily understanding what the DM leader has said.

Udhayanidhi made fun of the Constitution
Terming Udhayanidhi Stalin’s statement as a mockery of the Constitution, Sitharaman said that his statement is also a violation of his oath as a minister. Let us tell you that after Udhayanidhi, DMK leader A Raja had also compared Sanatan Dharma with diseases like AIDS.

Expressed satisfaction on the success of G20
The Union Finance Minister has also expressed satisfaction over the success of the two-day G20 summit chaired by India. He said, ‘Finance track has played a big role in this. India reached consensus on all important international issues.

Regarding the regulation of crypto assets, the minister said that it will not be good if different countries adopt different policies in this matter. It is important that there is collective action and this requires in-depth discussion.

PM Modi has become the voice of the South
Praising PM Modi’s role in the G20 Forum, the Finance Minister said, ‘He has now become the voice of the South. Middle income countries are suffering from debt. Despite the existence of institutions like World Bank and IF, these problems are not being solved.

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