Nefarious designs of China, what preparations is the Indian Army making for winter on LAC? know

Indian Army on LAC: For the last three years, the Indian Army has been deployed on the LAC in the Himalayan region bordering China even in winter. This year, the army will also be deployed on the 872 km LAC with China. The temperature here remains at -10 degrees in the rest of the months but between December and January its temperature drops to -30 degrees. People associated with the army say that the first question here is not to fight the enemy but to keep oneself alive. Fighting the enemy comes second.

This time, the Army has made several policies to maintain its vigil in this area, in which this place will be monitored through helicopters. Sources said, in winter the army will create small satellite posts and deploy soldiers here. The Army has claimed that in the last three years, they have made a lot of changes in the infrastructure here so that if needed, additional troops can be deployed at locations of strategic importance.

Army has these facilities on the border
Since May 2020, the army has many facilities on the border with China. The Army has said that this time there will be no need to deploy a large number of soldiers anywhere except satellite or places of strategic importance. Even if it falls, they have drastically increased the airlift capacity of the army in these areas. With the construction of additional roads here, it has become quite easy to transfer the reserve barracks from one place to another.

Top Army sources say that apart from drones, satellites, adequate storage and accommodation arrangements have also been improved to meet the needs of thousands of soldiers deployed here in these areas. These are being increased continuously and this increase will continue in winter also. So that they do not have to face any problem in completing the operation arrangements there.

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